Boys Bike - Raleigh Striker - 14 inch Wheel

**Immaculate condition**suitable for age 4+, Developed on a slightly larger hi-tensile steel frame with oversized tubes for increased strength and with a rigid fork, it ensures the bike is easy to manoeuvre for little riders. The handlebars are raised slightly higher than normal for increased visibility and it is packed with a full range of safety features for parent's peace of mind.

The Striker features a V-brake modulator which regulates the force that goes down to the front aluminium V-brake resulting in smoother braking and resin brake levers, which are designed to be easily operated by little fingers fitted with an adjustment screw to fit smaller hands.

Aluminium rims give an improved surface for the brake blocks to brake against and junior non-slip pedals, a safety feature Raleigh has been fitting to Children's bikes for years, are fitted with rubber pads to prevent feet slipping off. Each pair of non-slip pedals is carefully colour matched to fit the bike design.

The Striker has a full chain guard which is colour co-ordinated with graphics to match the bike design and is a functional necessity. Not only does it stop the dirt getting on your child and their clothes but it also keeps the sharp edges of the chain wheel covered and away from little fingers. It also has front and rear coloured mudguards as standard.

Raleigh ensures their bikes are packed with fun features, just as much as safety features! The Striker hosts a range of football themed accessories including a bell, valve caps and water bottle plus colour co-ordinated grips, spoke decorations and printed saddle.

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Lusk, Dublin
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1 week
@angels 11: €70 OFFER ACCEPTED
Pm to arrange pick up please😊
1 week
1 week
@angels 11 I found the stabilisers if your still interested??
2 weeks
would need to have stabilisers thanks
2 weeks
@angels 11 The lowest I’d take is €70
2 weeks
@angels 11 thanks for the offer but too low. Bike is immaculate. PS don’t have stabilisers
2 weeks
with the stabilisers
1 month
@Themanmurray Thanks for your offer but it’s too low, the bike is immaculate & was €160 new
1 month
@Angela.1 Sorry, no.
1 month
Are you ever in Blanchardstown or anywhere on the M50?
1 month
@Angela.1 yes, still for sale
1 month
Is this bike still for sale?