Korg M1 Keyboard (for trade or sale)

Update: Similar trades seem thin on the ground so offering for sale at €450.
(Won't let me increase a price within an add)

Very clean tidy and working M1.
Every key works and everything functions.
LCD fine but backlight has dimmed.
Manual included.

Love the sounds but don't have the space.

Anyone interested in trading for the Rackmount version (M1R) in similar condition.
Not interested in any other trades other than perhaps sampler racks like DSM1 / S550 / S330 or TX802 / TG77 / S5000v2 or DDD1

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Johnstown, Wicklow
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1 month ago

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1 month
@stevosham: Near asking 400/425 mark. Will need to add to get a rackmount on Reverb.
1 month
How much are you needing for it to sell
1 month
@stevosham: Thinks I'll hold on a little longer but thanks for looking
1 month
2 months
@stevosham: what € are you thinking?
2 months
Sound. I can collect it any day from ya if you want the cash. Thanks👍🏻
2 months
@stevosham: Yeah not looking too good for a trade. Might look around and see what 'trades' are for sale. Thanks for looking.
2 months
Hey.. if you change your mind about trading only and are open to letting it go for cash, let me know. Interested in buying it. Cheers 👍🏻
2 months
Just read ad
2 months
2 months
@kieran.regan.97 love the keyboard just would like the space so hopefully someone likes the opposite
2 months
I also got a new screen for about 70-80 euro, had the same problem with my 01/w, they are lovely keyboards
2 months
@snorple: Thanks appreciate the comment.
2 months
Hi Nickdx1.... In case you don't know theres a contrast knob on the back of the M1 for the LCD.

If it's not doing anything give it a few spins left to right to clear any dust.

2 months
@musov78: Thanks but no M1R only
2 months
Emu mp7?