Erica Synths Techno System - Eurorack Modular

Selling my beloved Erica Synths Techno System in perfect condition. Never gigged. From smoke & dust free studio.

Comes with the amazing, warm valve VCF (analog filter) instead of the Drum Sampler. RRP €4,699

Erica Synths Techno System is the ultimate tool for rhythm based music production, live performances and sound design. The drum modules are internally patched to the sequencer, so they receive trigger and accent signals even without patching relevant patch cables therefore allowing you to fully focus on the audio signal patching.

With a bit of imagination you’ll find that it’s not limited to specific music genres — it just depends on your creativity in patching and settings of modules. The potential is unlimited!


Sample Drum – is 14HP eurorack sample player module with straight-forward, intuitive interface, functionality and great sound quality, designed with live performance use in mind.

Bassline – fully analogue synth voice module for ultimate basslines and leads. It features AS3340 VCO with three waveforms, a filter inspired by Erica Synths Acidbox andunique features – transistor-based suboscillator and two BBDs that emulate VCO detune.

Bass Drum – takes classical drum machine kick drum sounds to the next level with a modular functionality - more parameters and CV control.

Snare Drum – 909 inspired sound with with modular functionality in mind – CV controls and Accents will add lot of expression to your performance.

Toms - the module contains Low Tom, Mid Tom and High Tom, each with individual Pitch and Decay controls and outputs plus CV control over pitch.

Clap - brings classical drum machine sounds in eurorack. Accent and CV control over tune adds more versatility in sound.

Hi-Hats D – classical Hi-Hats samples are passed thru AS3330 based VCA with adjustable shape and controlled via envelope generators of unique design. Extra feature is Open HiHat looping – when it’s on, a certain part of the sample is looped while the envelope decay is on, thus creating distinct, delay-like effect.

Cymbals – distinct topology digital/analogue module, where cymbal samples are passed thru AS3330 based VCA and controlled via envelope generators of unique design. The module features 10 sets of custom Crash and Ride cymbal samples with Tune control and individual Decay control.

Modulator features two identical syncable to the BPM LFOs/noise sources with selectable morphing waveshapes. LFO frequency can be manually adjusted or CV controlled, as well as they provide frequency divisions and multiplications in Sync mode. Each LFO has two outputs — main one and secondary one with adjustable phase, so you can create evolving modulations.

Drum Sequencer is an ultimate modular drum sequencer with 16x trigger outputs, 12x Accent outputs, 1x CV and Gate track and 2x Synced or free running LFO outputs.

Mixer Lite is a compact 6 input version of a Drum Mixer. Built in vactrol based compressor settings can be adjusted to a taste via trimpots through the front panel.

Dual Drive features two independent distortion circuits with gain and overdrive parameters, each with three overdrive flavours. Thanks to CV inputs, it is possible to create very lively distortion and great stereo effects.

Dual FX combines two Spin FV-1 chips in one module, each filled with eight custom effect programs with two adjustable and CV controlled parameters per effect and analogue dry/wet circuit. The effects repertoire of the Dual FX has been specially tailored to drum sounds and all parameter settings can be saved with the effect.

Drum Mixer – compact, 7 input mixer of unique design provides greater dynamic range and built in vactrol based compressor for high clarity of each drum sound in the mix. The first three inputs have selectable allocation - to the Main output or Main output + Aux Send.

Stereo Mixer comes equipped with four channel strips, each containing two inputs (L / R).Thanks to some clever routing options, mono signals can be placed nicely in the panorama as well. All four stereo channel strips feature a level potentiometer and a limiter provides protection against very hot signals.

LINK is the module that bridges eurorack to stage mixers — it has 5 sections that attenuate eurorack signals to line level signals and send them to 6,3mm jacks for quality connection to the performance mixer.

Techno System comes in Erica Synths Travel Case (universal PSU and case lid included) and with a load of patch cables.

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1 month
No worries thanks. Glws
1 month
@DarkGSM sorry need the cash
1 month
Hi mate, any interest in a Roland system 100- 101 & 102 expander? I picked it up on adverts recently but love the look of the techno system. Cheers
2 months
Back listed 🙌
3 months
Still available:
3 months
@Strange_Fruit No thanks. need to sell man
3 months
Alright. Are you interested in trading for a Sequential Prophet VS?
3 months
@Strange_Fruit I’ll know soon if hodgo99 is taking it
3 months
Is this gone?
3 months
Sound man.. you can do part bank transfer part cash if it helps
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€3,600 OFFERED
I may be able to do full 3600 next week if still there it’s Horrace bro
3 months
@synthalsimon it’s yours for €3500
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€3,300 OFFERED
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Cool i understand, I'll get the difference together and get back to you
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@cutfinalpro: Sorry mate, too low.. already priced to sell at €1000 off RRP
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€3,200 OFFERED
Pending complete inspection
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Listed on Reverb now for €3,995 ..
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Listing on Reverb for €3,950 tomorrow if no one interested in a bargain here!
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@bdd: Already have a Rev2 and love it! Thanks tho..
4 months
This time next year @analoger, this time next year...