Logitech MX1000 Laser Cordless Mouse

The first laser mouse in the world! And after all of these years, still the best as many folks who know their mice say.

Coveted and treasured to the day by many who had the luck to have ever used one:
- very well-made, reliable and lasting for many, many years of daily hard use;
- super-precise positioning, super-fast reaction, no lags, no skips;
- great for any use: games, office, intense CAD work;
- ergonomic, comfortable and lightweight: all-day use year after year, never a tired hand;
- a total of 10 (!) well-positioned and fully configurable buttons: three left/right/wheel (middle) buttons, up/down buttons around the wheel, left/right wheel tilt buttons; three thumb buttons on the side;
- up to date (!) support and fresh software by Logitech for the latest versions of Mac and Windows OS.

You get the complete kit, plug in and go:
- The mouse: model number M-RAG97, part number 852152-0200.
- The USB RF receiver/charger cradle: model number C-BN34, part number 831145-0000.
- The mains power adapter (AU/NZ plug, UK adapter included): model number L-LD4-4, part number 190254-0004.

Of note:
- It's been much used but is working perfectly well and certainly will for years to come.
- Thoroughly cleaned up inside and outside, looking good, a pleasure to hold.
- Li-ion battery just refreshed, holds full charge.

It's hard to part with it and I'm sure I'll regret it, but it's sad to see this great quality device full of life left collecting dust — I've had very little use for a mouse in the last years, mostly on the run with a laptop now. Those Macbook trackpads are awesome, but don't hold a candle to this trusty MX1000 in versatility and speed of getting work done.

Collection from Raheny, Dublin 5.

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Raheny, Dublin
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5 days ago

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5 months
@zedk: Thanks for the offer, though is it €50 or €30 (which is low)?
5 months
Can offer 30
10 months
@GetStuffDone Hi, thanks for the comment! Do you perchance know a museum that's interested? And feel free to suggest what you'd consider a fair price. Cheers!
10 months
Awesome mouse, your asking price is simply ridiculous though. Considering it is a relic compared to modern Logitech MX series. This is a museum piece…