New 78.7 x 23.6 inch 3D Carbon Fiber HQ Vinyl Wrap Roll Film AUTO Car Home Wallpaper Black Tuning Equipment
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Brand new

Specifically designed dual cast vinyl film that provides dimensional stability and durability, without the need for an over laminate
The wrap's adhesive is pressure activated, which allows you to reposition the film during application
The material is flexible, allowing it to conform and bend easily
Stretchable with heat
Easily cleansed with water
Resistant to UV, water, dirt, grease, salt, mild acid and oil Long lasting
Easy remove without residue
Use for:
Interior or Exterior of Automobile parts such as:Fenders, Door handles, tire rims, exhaust pipes. Dashboard, Steering wheel, interior door handles, Glove compartments, car control panel, ect
Printers DVD Player Labtops/Computers Guitars/Drums Appliances Other Instruments Phones Furniture Mugs/Cups Book Cover
Watches Doors Wallets Album Cover Pocket Knife Glasses Clip board Sports Gear
Note:Need sharp utility or xacto style knife,squeegee, blow dryer, or heat gun to install. You can cut the shape you like( tools are not included)

Please note - delivery time for this item is between 1 working day to 6 working days

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4 months
Hi, still no sign of my order?

It's 10 days now ??
4 months
Thanks but it's more than 6 days now?
4 months
@m8: Hi, like there is note in description - delivery up to 6 working days so please don't worry, you will get it very soon, thank you.
4 months
When will I get my order it's over a week since I paid and was ment to be out for delivery last 6 days. I should have had it next day. Also please reply to my PM's.
4 months
Order placed, if you need any details please pm me.
4 months
@m8: Hi, should be fine, the size above is 78.7 x 23.6 inch
4 months
Would this work on plywood and what do I get for €14 in size please?
11 months
@roforde: Hi, we can only send it so if you're interested just click buy now button please
11 months
Can this be collected in galway?