Honda civic OEM premium edition navigation gps cd radio head unit 2006-2011 UK Ireland + bluetooth receiver

This is for right-hand-drive (UK/Ireland), but could be used for left-hand drive too.

Item is for the head unit and the plastic trim. Plastic trim was reconditioned/resprayed black as pictured. Head unit includes the original Honda Maps installed. Also including for free is a bluetooth receiver that plugs into 3.5mm jack for connecting phone to car, and blank CDs/DVDs and memory card for the unit if you want to put in custom songs or software etc. Everything works perfectly, good condition, nothing wrong and no issues. Selling as I upgraded my own to an aftermarket Android unit which I honestly regret now but too much effort to swap back (aftermarket units don't provide free GPS etc, but Honda Maps has free lifetime access to their satellites). Pulled from the premium trim of Honda Civic Hybrid Saloon. Connections should fit Honda Civic 2006-2011 saloons and maybe coupes and other 8th gen models to an extent (full usage of every single connection (optional) depends on the technologies your car already possesses, although you can always upgrade/add technologies). The trim may need to be adjusted in non-saloons. The head unit per se will be compatible with any other car as a standard 2din unit, obviously, but the connections will not be 100% plug and play so I uploaded some photos and diagrams of connections uploaded for your convenience. Also, if you don't already have GPS antenna, you can buy one cheap and plug it in, or plug in your radio antenna to see if it's compatible if you don't use the radio - many good forums for this - for example.

Already updated to latest map and software (~2019 was the last release?).

Open to any question and inspection. Particular item for particular need or hobby so not in a rush to desperately sell.

Money from this item will go towards a small EU information website me and a friend are setting up to help Ukrainian refugees. Reason for disclosure is to widen our avenues for any interested volunteers.

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3 weeks ago

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Comments & Offers
2 weeks
@pawelkrzysztofpiotr.rutkowski Thanks, no I don't store parts. They're either listed or someone had already bought them for their current/future needs.
2 weeks
Hi, do you have other parts for the Honda Civic Hybrid? Needs an engine mount on the gearbox side
2 months
@demirhys No worries bud. If you're looking for 100% plug and play with no need for additional adapters, I recommend refining your search to 9th gen. Best of luck.
2 months
Hi - I have checked it out and the plugs don`t match . Thanks for your help .Best of luck with selling it.
2 months
@demirhys: There you go buddy. Threw in some diagrams too of the closest model I could find, which I had used myself for accurate reference.
2 months
would you send me a picture of the back for the plug outs.
2 months
Thanks I`m just checking to see will it fit my 2013 civic .
2 months
39541-SNA-E010-M1. Photo uploaded.
2 months
Hi There - Do you know what the model number is ?