Vodoo marasa 20 hybrid bike (moving out. all my stuff to charity in 4 days)

frame size 20 inch. selling it on Tuesday ir Wednesday. I need it until then.
it comes with mudguards, and tyre inner protection, It's a good bike.
Lock and helmet included for 200 eur
this bike new in Halfords costs 600 eur now without all the extras

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Dublin 8, Dublin
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1 month ago

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1 month
@Gabboz: €180 OFFER ACCEPTED
1 month
I'll buy also the lock. Let me know if I can see it today
1 month
@Gabboz it is ready to go. I just have to go to the bike shop because the allen screw of the saddle is worn out. I noticed it yesterday.
That is necessary to regulate the height of the saddle. gonna ask them to unscrew it and put a new one
1 month
Does it have any issues or is it ready to go?
1 month
@Gabboz no lower offers sorry
1 month
Can collect today
1 month
1 month
1 month
@mat29 no sorry
1 month
Can you sell it today?
1 month
@mat29 large
1 month
Sorry by no idea how much is ich
It is large or medium?
1 month
@mat29 20 inch
1 month
What's the size of the bike?
1 month
What size is the bike
1 month
I'm sorry man, my bad.. I checked his profile and it seems like he's quite new to adverts (even replying to another buyer thinking it was the seller). I do hope you're right, otherwise it was a little bit harsh . Anyway, All the best with your sale.
1 month
@SeymourBut nobody. that guy made comments on many ads on adverts, lying, telling contradictory stuff, and trying to get bargains. comments are public
1 month
Seller - Who hurt you ?
1 month
@Oleksandr Popchuk are you just an idiot trying to get a bargain from everyone? 5 minutes ago your budget was 200, now it's 100. And you tell everyone you are from Ukraine. get a fucking life, scammer
1 month
@Oleksandr Popchuk hi sorry. the bike is 200, no delivery