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1975x400x900 Start Bay 4 levels 86eu / 1975x400x900 Ad On 4 levels 63eu / 1975x400x1050 Start Bay 4 levels 94eu / 1975x400x1050 Ad On 4 levels 70eu / 1975x400x1200 Start Bay 4 levels 100eu / 1975x400x1200 Ad On 4 levels 77eu / 1975x600x900 Start Bay 4 levels 101eu / 1975x600x900 Ad On 4 levels 76eu / 1975x600x1050 Start Bay 4levels 111eu / 1975x600x1050 Ad On 4 levels 85eu. Other sizes available 1975x400x1350;1975x400x1500;1975x600x1200;1975x600x1350;1975x600x1500;1975x400x1800;1975x600x1800.Can be installed 5 levels if needed.All lenght and width measurements available in 2500 height as well.Ideal for storage rooms,cold storage rooms (plastic shelves),vans.

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Ballsbridge, Dublin
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1 week ago

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1 week
how many kg of items can one shelf hold
2 weeks
@phantom4 Hi,I have full w/house.Brand new.Kind regards.Don
2 weeks
Do you have anymore of this shelving
2 weeks
@chris753: €86 OFFER ACCEPTED
2 weeks
2 weeks
Starter Bay
H1975XD400XL1500(4levels) 110eu;
Ad On Bay
H1975XD400XL1500(4levels) 90eu.
Total: 200eu.
2 weeks
Reckon 4 should be ample Depth does not need to exact either - 400 mm ballpark is ok
2 weeks
@Gaz1961 40cm (0.4m)..How many levels (how many shelves)?
2 weeks
Depth reqd would be 16inches or thereabouts
2 weeks
@Gaz1961 In meters 2.92m width and 1.82m height?What depth??
2 weeks
@Gaz1961 Hi,how many levels?For storage or cold room?
3 weeks
Looking for shelving for 115 inch long 72 inch high pls.
4 weeks
@Theodore.Stones Hi,how many levels (shelves)?
4 weeks
Looking at the 2500 high shelving, how much for 12 metres?
1 month
3 months
@jm_louis05 All is on website
3 months
Do you have pallet racking as well?
3 months
@EUROLIUX sorry..0-8-7-4-3-6-6-7-3-6
3 months
@jm_louis05 OK.. 0-8-7-4-3-6-6-3-6
3 months
Pm me your number my boss is looking for shelving