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Shelf storage loads of space

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Crover 2002
73 2
Ballyjamesduff, Cavan
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1 month ago

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3 weeks
@John McClane123: €30 OFFER ACCEPTED
For pm
3 weeks
For pm 👍
3 weeks
I'll put the offer in for pm 👍
3 weeks
@John McClane123 l have two lockers here aswell would you be interested in them
3 weeks
@John McClane123 is that finea send me your aircode
3 weeks
I've no trailer unfortunately, I'd take it if I could collect but I can't, it's too big.. unless you can deliver to Castletown near Nobber?
3 weeks
@John McClane123 ah no would you be able to get trailer and tie in it maybe l need rid of it unless you leave boot open a bit and tie it down that would probably work
3 weeks
Hi, it's too long unfortunately, won't fit, raging
3 weeks
@John McClane123 did you get measurements
3 weeks
@John McClane123 OK l have two lockers aswell if you were interested
3 weeks
Castletown, near Nobber
3 weeks
@John McClane123 where are you coming from
3 weeks
@John McClane123 OK no problem what car have you
3 weeks
No van unfortunately but seat goes down as i've a hatchback. I'll measure it when home and see if it will fit, Thanks
3 weeks
@John McClane123 6 ft 8 what kind of car have you l hair opel insignia got it in just about nearly probably better with a van if you had one
3 weeks
Hi, What's the height please, just want to see if it would fit in my car. Thanks
1 month
@vic;) are you interested
1 month
@vic;) l will take 30
1 month