Marantz SM-17 Power Amplifier

Stunning SM-17 in PWO, a few age related marks this is reflected in the price. Next day DPD included in Ireland.

Any audition welcome.

SM-17 Stereo power amplifier
The Marantz SM-17 Premium Series stereo power amplifier is a no-compromise audio component designed and engineered to provide extraordinary sonic performance. The SM-17 is constructed using only the highest-quality components, meticulously selected for optimum sonic purity. The Marantz SM-17´s appearance is as its sound quality, available in black or gold finish with a clean, uncluttered front panel that combines modern styling with a touch of "retro" elegance. The SM-17 is designed to complement Marantz´s PM-17mkII'M' (KI), to bring out a even better fidelity, resolution and musicality in either a bridged or bi-amping setup.


Current Feedback amplification

BTL switch mode

Super Ring transformer


WBT terminals

Linear Drive Power Supply (LDPS)


Controlled and solid drive of even the most demanding loudspeakers

Raising the output power and increasing stability by bridging two amplifiers into one amplifier

Ultra low vibration and leakage flux keep the signal sharp and minimises internal electro magnetic distortion

High slew rate and superb dynamics characterise the unique Marantz HDAM output stages

Ultimate audio transfer from premium class speaker terminals

Marantz designed power supply to give stable but responsive power delivery

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3 months ago

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3 weeks
@Blueskin: €449 OFFER ACCEPTED
3 weeks
@Blueskin thanks.. all yours.
3 weeks
4 weeks
Hi, just wondering if you still have this amplifier for sale?

You mention that there are a number of marks on the unit. Trying to gauge how bad they are. Are they mainly on the back?

I’m based in Australia, would postage be an option?


3 months
@1964plad no peter, that's just shipping.. 👍
3 months
Okay , do you if the shipping does include insurance ? Br Peter
3 months
@1964plad TNT is quick but costs €83, alternatively DPD is slower, prob a week but nice at €40 cheers
3 months
@1964plad will do.. what city are you in and ill get a price.
3 months
Yes Please br Peter
3 months
@1964plad yes but it would be expensive I am sure. I can get you a quote?
3 months
Hi ALX , is it possible for shipping to Denmark ? Br Peter
3 months
Price drop!!!
4 months
Ah, ok.
4 months
@Phantom T5 the screws are a copper colour. Not rusty. Cheers. 👍👍
4 months
Why are all the screws on the back rusty? Was this stored in a damp place?
4 months
Still Available:
5 months
5 months
@juavilco sure thing, if you make a €1 offer i can accept for a PM. We can exchange details then. Cheers
5 months
Hello, ok, shall we talk by phone??
5 months
@juavilco I'd need the asking price at the very least my friend. Thanks. 👍