Floorstanding speakers 200W, 3-way

PRICE REDUCED ( was €300 ) !.
Hi. I have to sell 3-way, 200W RMS ( per channel ! ), 8 ohms Floorstanding speakers. Basically everything is new - speaker drivers, professional speaker crossovers and speaker cabinets ( high power Wharfedale neodymium magnet, ferrofluid cooled tweeters, 8" Fane Sovereign 8-125, 125 W RMS and 5.5" Hitachi, 50 W RMS each - they work very well as midrange speakers ). In the picture 11, I compared the original SkyTronic speaker crossover ( on the right - which I immediately threw into the trash 🙂 ), with a professional speaker crossover. All speaker cables I replaced for 1.5 mm strand oxygen free copper ( OFC ) speaker cables. Clear and powerful sound !. Interested are more than welcome to come and listen these loudspeakers.
Dimensions: H: 39.37" ( 100 cm ), W: 7. 08" ( 18 cm ) D: 11. 8" ( 30cm )
Possibility of delivery in Dublin.
Thanks for the interest.

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3 months ago

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5 months
@Magicsound, I'm not trying to deceive anyone. Of course, you can complain that this is not a well-known brand, but that's what people often pay ( for the name of the brand ). I am not in a hurry to sell and I prefer to keep speakers for myself than to sell at a low price. Thanks.
5 months
I think it sounds better after modification, but professional...
5 months
It turns out that you have to learn a lot more, but the start is pretty good.
5 months
No man. You dont know too much about it. The crossover has to be designed for cabinet and speakers specification.
5 months
@Magicsound, Hi. You can see that you do not know too much about it. These crossovers are professional. I paid for it with the shipment. of €50. So definitely more than £5. For a pair of new 8" Fane Sovereign 8-125 speaker drivers paid just over €100. Add to this the costs of new oxygen-free copper cables, the cost of mid-range speakers (there are 4 of them) and the cost of Wharfedale tweeters. Finally, these speakers sound like professional mid-budget floorstanding speakers.
5 months
Dont get me wrong. You did great job, but there is no point to call something professional. People are not stupid man.
5 months
Sory man, but your professional crossover look like £5 crossover from ebay! Why do you try to deceive other people by calling it something professional?
6 months
@yankee_4u Hi. I think so, if you use your imagination, you can do basically everything 😀. Certainly, you can also use special self-adhesive foils with different colors and textures.
6 months
Hi , can the cabinet be painted? Thanks
6 months
@marius.marius, Where do you live ?. For €250 I can deliver speakers to your home.
6 months
@marius.marius, You asked me about the last price 😏. I'm sorry, but I can not lower it. You will not be disappointed !.
6 months
I offer you 220
6 months
@marius.marius, €250
6 months
what's the last price?
7 months
Still Available: I accepted the offer only for PM
7 months
For PM purposes.
7 months
To @titan-moto:
You can come and listen at any time. 🙂
7 months
Thanks, please let me know when that could happen?
7 months
To @titan-moto Hi. You are also welcome to come to me and listen to my speakers 😀 . Honestly, I'm positively surprised by their clear and strong sound. Thanks for your interest !.
7 months
Still Available: I accept offer just for PM.