Cayin A-88T valve / tube high end audio

Cayin A-88T valve / tube high end audio Cayin A-88T valve / tube high end audio Home Audio

Negative feedback and zero feedback customers may not be considered unless a deposit is paid if interested.

The coupling capacitors have been replaced with far better NOS K42Y-2.
Cayin A-88T valve integrated tube amp.

Shuguang KT88-Z Black Treasure bought from Banzai Music GmbH for 302 euro on the 23.02.2022, have had very little use since, they are only broken in.

Collection Killarney. Testing for serious buyers only. Bias just checked and set by qualified technician, along with all electrolytic capacitors tested. Fully working and available until removed. Sounds very good with lots of power. Condition is 10 out of 10.

Other tubes are NOS Russian 6H8C. User manual and remote included. Can deliver to Ballincollig. This weights 25kg's a serious amplifier, No rush to sell as I'm using it still. Note this has point to point wiring, with high quality components. German design, built in China. Box of spare valve/ tubes included(including 4 good EH kt-88 power tubes and some NOS pre tubes). This amp is very easy to mod or service since it's point to point wiring. The bias trim pots are on small PCB,s. This amplifier also has a turn on delay to leave your valves warm up...first switching on the heater coils before engaging your speakers, the relay is not part of the signal path, which is good.

Q: Is it still available?
A: Yes.

Q: Is the price negotiable.
A: No, unless you want to offer more.

Q: Can you ship, even if I arrange a courier.
A: Will consider shipping at buyers own risk and expense, money needs to be cleared before shipping and I arrange shipping and packaging. 35 euro shipping cost including plenty packing.

Q: Can it be tested.
A:Yes by appointment only for serious buyers. Test speakers available, infinity Qb, bower and Wilkins 683 (You can bring your own speakers)

Q:How old is it.
A: Not sure...but any newer model from Cayin are very similar circuit wise other than different facia / case, and possibly external bias trim pots.

Q: Is it 100% working.
A: Yes I do not sell faulty products

Q: How does it sound.
A: That is subjective, to my ears it sounds great, Come and listen for yourself.

Can be tested with bower and wilkins 683 or infinity QB vintage speakers. Or you are welcome to bring your own speakers for testing.

some user reviews here:

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Sure you want to buy it back?
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Can i make offer for PM?
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@Lotstosell: Hi, the speakers have a sensitivity of 91dB which makes them easy to drive, valve amps in general drive speakers easier anyway. I was running Bower and wilkins 683 and hard to drive infinity Qb's with EMIT tweeter with this amp and it was no problem, in fact my Bocama la-224b at about 15Watts drives the the B&W . The advantage in my opinion, better sound stage as in you can place the instruments better apart, it's very good for vocals or jazz / classical music, there is ample info on the pro's and cons of valve amps and dedicated videos on youtube on this amp, but once you go down the valve route, it will be very difficult to go back to SS. I have about 40 different solid-state amps to compare to, leak, quad, scott, sansui, yamaha, hafler, arcam, kenwood, but prefer valve amps
3 weeks
How would this Tube Amplifier match and drive 8 ohm Fyne Audio F303 floorstanding speakers. Quality of sound is subjective but I would like a reply on quality of sound. What are the prime differences between a tube v standard amp. I can look that up but would appreciate advice from seller. Thanks
1 month
Due to the low interest, with 20 watchers, I will now consider shipping. I will box it really well, I have access to plenty strong boxes. I can double box it. It will take 5 working days to box and arrange shipping due to my work schedule.
2 months
some info here: and other places online on benefits of these
2 months
NOS K42Y-2 coupling capacitors also installed to improve the sound. Connected up so ready to demo