Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 9000 MKIII 6 CD player, 4 Beolab 6000 speakers, BeoLab 2 Active Subwoofer 850w

B&O - Complete Hifi Dream Set- Hi-Fi set: BeoSound 9000 MKIII +4 Beolab 6000 + BeoLab 2 Active Subwoofer 850w in excellent condition.
I can included also on the kit one Beolab 2000 to use in a second room.

Beosound 9000 Unit in perfect condition - no scratches, marks.

These Superb Bang and Olufsen set including Beosound 9000 MKIII, BeoLab 6000 Speakers don`t need an introduction, just look at the pictures and see how gorgeous this dream set is. This lot includes: 1x Beosound 9000 MKIII Type y2572, 4x Beolab 6000, 1x BeoLab 2 Active Subwoofer 850w 1x Beo4 Remote Controller, 1x vertical wall-bracket ( note,I don’t have the small piece to attach to the wall), 1xBluetooth receiver 1x jack aux cable, 1x cable/ adapter 5 pin din male plug to twin RCA phono sockets- gold plated.
BeoSound 9000, the well-known 6-CD changer by Bang & Olufsen, the icon of Bang & Olufsen. Beautiful design, is in the city of art, this player is more than a player, it is also a designer piece of furniture.
Beolab 6000 Active Speakers the choice is simple - you can fill your home with big black boxes, or you can make a stand with Beo. Lab 6000 and fill it with beautiful sound and beautiful looks. Formed from a single piece of aluminium, Beo. Lab 6000 is shaped to stand out from its surroundings but coloured to match any Bang & Olufsen audio or video setup. With a height of just 110cm and a depth of 10cm, finding space for a pair of Beo. Lab 6000 speakers is never going to be a problem. Its superior sound capabilities ensure that its performance will never dictate your placement.
BeoLab 2 Active Subwoofer
It's the smallest things that make all the difference!
BeoLab 2 Subwoofer: Put yourself at the eye of the storm and enjoy a new sound experience. Just when you thought it couldn't get any better - it does. The BeoLab 2 subwoofer has only one purpose: to exploit the new world of sound that Digital technology has opened up. Sit back, hold on tight - and experience a deep bass sensation you only thought possible at the cinema or concert hall. BeoLab 2 is the latest (2001) member of the loudspeaker family and has been specially designed to handle the low end of the sound spectrum. It completes your surround set-up and allows you to experience details in movies and music that you've never heard before. It just about as good as bass gets!
The new powerful BeoLab 2 adds a totally new dimension to the Bang & Olufsen sound experience. As digital technology opens up a whole new world of sound, the compact BeoLab 2 subwoofer lets you experience a deep bass sensation that you only thought possible at the cinema or concert hall. Reproducing the low frequency sounds that normal loudspeakers can't reproduce, BeoLab 2 utilises its built-in 850 watt amplifier to ensure that you no longer only hear your favourite piece of film or music, but feel it as well.
Adaptive Bass Linearisation
Adaptive Bass Linearisation (ABL) is a process patented by B&O and is incorporated in BeoLab loudspeakers. The idea is to use the surplus capacity in amplifiers and driver units, arising by normal listening levels, for a bass extension - a sound reproduction with more bass, than the loudspeaker otherwise would be able to produce.
The function is adaptive. This means that the loudspeaker adapts to the signal it receives. Loudspeaker drivers are therefore fully exploited, without suffering mechanical or electronic abuse, and the built in amplifiers are not subjected to signals would otherwise create an overload situation.
ABL gives stunning bass reproduction considering the size of the loudspeaker in which it is incorporated, under normal listening levels.

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