Water Flosser -Professional Dental Oral Irrigator with 10 Pressure and 7 Interchangeable Jet Tips for Teeth,Braces & Bridges - High Capacity 600ML Water Tank for Whole Family(3-pin UK Plug)/Free Shipping nationwide
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REMOVE PLAUQE AND HARMFUL BACTERIA: Using a unique combination of water pressure and pulsations to clean deep between teeth and below the gum line where traditional brushing and flossing can't reach. Provides excellent water flossing performance to improve gum health and achieving good oral hygiene
ADJUSTABLE WATER PRESSURE: Features 10 water pressure settings (range of 30-110 PSI). Test the different water pressures to find a comfortable setting for your teeth and gums. Can remove up to plaque, food debris and 99% of bacteria in the teeth efficiently,comes with a UK 3 pin plug
HIGH VOLUME WATER TANK: 600ML large water reservoir to do the job in one filling. Offers you about 90 seconds water flows, enough for you to get through your whole mouth cleaning routine. 360° rotating control handle can adjust angle for cleaning all areas of your mouth
7 INTERCHANGEABLE NOZZLES: Includes 3 classic jet tips, 1 pik pocket tip, 1 orthodontic tip, 1 plaque seeker tip, 1 tongue cleaner tip to remove plaque, food debris effectively. Oral irrigator is beneficial for people with braces, implants, crowns, bridges etc
SPLASH-PROOF DESIGN: IPX6 waterproof level. The covered reservoir with built-in tips storage, which conveniently stores your jet tips in the unit for easy access and keeps dust and debris out perfectly.


Why Choose a Water Flosser?

- If you don't like string floss, don't floss often, or find string floss hard to use, a water flosser can be the answer.

- Many people find water flossing easier and more pleasant than using string floss, and they may floss more often as a result.

- Gum disease prevention and treatment is another reason to use a water flosser. Water Flossers are proven to reduce gingivitis, remove plaque, and improve gum health. Especially useful for cleaning braces and other orthodontics, as well as cleaning bridges, crowns, and dental implants. They are also helpful for people with dexterity issues, who find string flossing difficult.

- Although water flossing reaches areas that tooth brushing can't, it is not a replacement for brushing your teeth. Rather, it is an alternative to string floss, interdental brushes, or floss threaders to remove plaque and debris that brushing leaves behind.

Simply use Ovonni Oral Irrigator with High Capacity to keep a healthy teeth everyday!
Affords You Healthier Teeth

Is Water Flossing Messy?

- Compared to string floss, water flossing is easier and doesn't require you to put your hands in your mouth or deal with used string floss. - The correct technique is they key. Unlike string floss, you don’t need to look in the mirror or hold your mouth open wide. - To use a water flosser, place the flosser tip in your mouth, close your lips most of the way, and lean over the sink. Then turn the power on. As you floss along the gumline and between your teeth, allow the water to empty from your mouth into the sink.

Ovonni Water Flosser is specially designed to remove bacteria that cause bad breath! Removes plaque and food from deep within the gum-line to improve oral hygiene health.
7 Interchangeable Jet Tips

1) 3 Ordinary High-Pressure Tips with 3 color ring for general use. You can hygienically share it with your whole family.

2) 1 Periodontal Tip for periodontal pockets. Designed for rinsing deep below the gumline.

3) 1 Orthodontic Tip for braces carriers. Flush out food debris & bacteria from around the teeth and under the gums.

4) 1 Dental Plaque Tip for implants, crowns, bridges and other restorations. It has 3 thin tufts of bristles to access stubborn plaque around implants, crowns, bridges and other areas that are susceptible to plaque accumulation.

5) 1 Tongue Cleaner Tip for fresh breath. Scrape and flush gently for removing bacteria and sulfur compounds.

Equipped with 10 water pressures and pulsations range of 30 to 125 PSI for different oral needs. Easily find the most comfortable and effective pressure setting for each family member. Can effectively clean the mouth of food debris and plaque, preventing tooth decay, gum bleeding etc. Customized for a more comfortable using experience.

Water Pressure (PSI): Low Range:30-60psi Mid-range: 60-100 psi Upscale: 78-125psi

Vast water reservoir provides up to 90 seconds of uninterrupted dental flossing. Comes with sufficient capacity for multiple uses.

Ovonni oral irrigator will be your best dental helps to improve gum health by cleaning, massaging and promoting blood circulation in the gums.

--------- Specification: --------- Voltage: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz Power: 18V Motor speed(rpm): 1250-1700 rpm Pressure Adjustment: 10 settings control Water Tank Capacity: 600ML Pulse Number: 1250-1700/per min Noise standard: less than 75 decibels

--------- Package Includes: --------- 1 X Oral Irrigator 3 X Classic Jet Tip 1 X Pik Pocket Tip 1 X Orthodontic Tip 1 X Plaque Seeker Tip 1 X Tongue Scraper 1 X Power Adapter 1 X Black Storage Bag 1 X User Manual


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