Portable Water Flosser Cordless Oral Irrigator 300ML Water Tank Electric Dental Care for Deep Teeth and Gums Cleaner USB Rechargeable with 6 Jet Tips&Dental Floss,for Home&Travel/Free Shipping nationwide
Brand new

300ML HIGH CAPACITY WATER TANK - Made of anti-bacteria and food-grade composition, comes with a little smell when start to use it. 300ML capacity is enough for you to get through your mouth once. Add in a little mouthwash for an extra fresh feeling
HIGH PRESSURE WATER COLUMN - More effective in removing bacteria and eliminating the surface stains and slit between the teeth. 360°rotating nozzle provides deeply cleaning for plaque control and easy to reach the hard clean areas that conventional toothbrushes may struggle to reach
RECHARGEABLE AND CORDLESS: Inductive charging cradle features advanced anti-leakage technology, more safer to charge and extend battery life for years of continuous use. Comes with USB charging cable(Adapter is NOT Included), which is compatible with your power bank and all chargers with usb port
3 OPERATING MODES - Normal powerful, Soft and Pulse to meet various oral care needs, massage gums and make teeth stronger and healthier. Prevent cavities, periodontitis and bad breath thanks to precise water flossing technology that cleans and freshens your whole mouth
JET TIPS AND STORAGE BAG - Comes with 6 replacement nozzles, a box of dental floss and storage bag for convenient carry. Portable oral irrigator with ergonomic design fits easily in your luggage while traveling, or use at home, office. Universal voltage 100-240V, convenient to maintain proper teeth and gum health at anywhere.

Why Choose a Water Flosser:

- If you don't like string floss, don't floss often, or find string floss hard to use, a water flosser can be the answer.

- Many people find water flossing easier and more pleasant than using string floss, and they may floss more often as a result.

- Gum disease prevention and treatment is another reason to use a water flosser. Water Flossers are proven to reduce gingivitis, remove plaque, and improve gum health. Especially useful for cleaning braces and other orthodontics, as well as cleaning bridges, crowns, and dental implants. They are also helpful for people with dexterity issues, who find string flossing difficult.

- Although water flossing reaches areas that tooth brushing can't, it is not a replacement for brushing your teeth. Rather, it is an alternative to string floss, interdental brushes, or floss threaders to remove plaque and debris that brushing leaves behind.

Deep Cleaning For Your Teeth:
With high pressure water pulse 1700 times per minutes and 3 color-coded interchangable jet tips, 1 periodontal tip and 1 orthodontic tip, rotate 360° for cleaning all areas of your oral. Ovonni water teeth cleaner will be your best dental helps to improve gum health by cleaning, massaging and promoting blood circulation in the gums.

water flosser provides an easy and effective way to support proper teeth and gum health at home. A unique combination of dental water jet pressure and pulsations cleans deep between teeth and below the gumline, removing harmful bacteria and debris that traditional brushing, air flossing, and string flossing can't reach.Simply use Ovonni Oral Irrigator with High Capacity to keep a healthy teeth everyday!

The 300ml water tank can be removed and cleaned inside easily with fully opened design. You can keep the reservoir dry after every use without worrying about the mold or bacteria breeding.

With 3 modes design, the Cordless Water Flosser allows you personalize your water pressure intensity with Normal, Soft and Pulse options. Easily find the most comfortable and effective setting for each family member. Can effectively clean the mouth of food debris and plaque, preventing tooth decay, gum bleeding etc.

Comes with a storage bag, ​convenient with portable and USB rechargeable design, you can take and use it easily while travelling, camping, or at office and your home at anytime.

------- Specification: -------

Modes: Normal, Soft, Pulse

Motor speed(rpm): 1250-1700 rpm

Water Tank Capacity: 300ML

Pulse Frequency: 1400-1800hz/min

Water Pressure (PSI): Normal range: 60-85psi

Noise Standard: less than 72 decibels

Product Size: 77x68x204mm


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