3-in-1 Digital Hot Air Gun Rework & Soldering Iron Station Complete Kit

8.50€ Nationwide delivery.

Model: Aoyue® 968A+ / AO968A+

3-in-1 system: Soldering Iron, Smoke Absorber, and Hot Air Gun.

It is in a new condition. I did only one hot air rework and a few small solderings.
The outer box was damaged a little bit during postage as seen from photos.

SKU: Aoyue968A+ / 90968A+


• High heating capacity
• SMD fine soldering iron
• Highest heating-up
• Exact options for adjustment
• 70 Watt Iron using low-cost standard tips
• Automatic cooling - and follow up phase
• Fan nozzles in compliance with international standard
• Suitable for SOIC, CHIP, QFP, PLCC, PSOP, SSOP, BGA, SMT, SMD, IC repairs etc.
• Microprocessor-controlled ESD safe equipment for precise temperature control
• Digital control and display of temperature.
• Built-in smoke extractor that absorbs fumes created at the source.
• Knob type soldering iron temperature control for simple yet efficient working temperature selection
• Sleep mode for soldering iron. Soldering iron to go into sleep mode based on user-defined duration.
• Various types of available air nozzles.(QFP, BGA, PLC, SOP, SIP...etc
• Wide selection of solder iron tips ( T Series Soldering tips) for different soldering requirements (sold separately).
• Auto-cooling functionality. Blows air to cool down the system to a safe temperature before turning OFF. This prolongs the life of the heating element and ensures safety.

Solder iron digital calibration, soldering iron tips can be calibrated + or -50 degrees. Easily adjust temperature offset with a few simple adjustments.

Non-contact soldering for high requirements.

The air volume and the temperature can be set or adjusted in a wide range, the nozzles can be easily replaced so that each component is soldered by using the suitable nozzle, air, and temperature setting. The heating elements, as well as the nozzles, comply with the international standard; suitable for most SMD components, for instance, LEDs, SOIC, CHIP, QFP, PLCC, and BGA.

The antistatic design as well as the microcontroller of the AOYUE Int 968 A+ prevents PCBs and electronic components from being damaged due to static charging. The control panel, as well as the whole rework station, are easy to manage and therefore ensure easy handling. The built-in smoke absorber extracts the fume directly from where it is generated. The temperature of the soldering iron shown on the digital display and can be easily adjusted by using a rotary knob ensuring a fast and precise temperature setting.

The soldering station informs the user via display about possible malfunctions on the sensors or on the heating elements.
By blowing, the Auto-cooling function provides for the lowest possible temperature on the heating element before being switched off in order to extend the life of the heating element. Of course, this repairing system can also be used for the shrinking of shrink hoses and is indispensable in the field of chip tuning, repairing mobile phones, laptops, and video game consoles.

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