Marshall JMC 2000 TSL 100 & 5 way foot controller. Cab is sold

JMC 2000 Marshall - Triple Super Lead (TSL) 100 watt valve amp. Original 5 way foot controller, power supply, 1/4 Jack lead connector and owners manual.

Clean Channel Features
1. Gain Control
2. Volume Control
3. Mid Boost Pushswitch
4. Treble, Middle, Bass Controls
5. Reverb Control
6. FX Mix Control
7. Presence Control and Deep Switch
8. V.P.R (Virtual Power Reduction) and Mute push switches.

Crunch Channel
1. Gain Control
2. Volume Control
3. Tone Shift Pushswitch
4. Treble, Middle, Bass Controls

Lead Channel
features are exactly the same as the crunch channel but with more gain and compression.

Rear Panel
1. Footswitch Connector
2. Effects Loop A and Effects Loop B
3. Loudspeaker Outputs and Impedance Select
4. Emulated Line out

Original Marshall 5 way foot controller for channel, reverb and FX loop switching.

There is a very small break in the Marshall decal on the amp. Apart from that everything is in perfect working order and fantastic condition.

Comes with the Marshall TSL 100 and TSL122 manual, power supply and 1/4" jack connector cable. This gear was bought new, one owner only and used mainly for studio use.

Photos were taken in May 2022 and are of the actual item for sale.
Cash only. No swaps or trade offers please.

Please note the cab in this add is sold. This sale is for the amp head, foot controller, leads and manual.

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Lucan, Dublin
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3 weeks ago

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Comments & Offers
1 month
Still Available: Amp only is still available. Cab is sold!
1 month
@shanetobler: Hi! Looks like that would be roughly a three hour round trip, not really into that! Thanks for the asking.
1 month
Hi can you deliver for an extra few quid ?
1 month
@Dezzit: Year is 2003. No issues at all with this.
1 month
White tag sorry spell check lol
1 month
Hi what Yr was it manafacted should be on the back little white stag serial number
Are there any issues with it ???
1 month
@Delliman: If you are still interested in the head, I could save you the long trip. I will to be in Athlone this Friday afternoon and could meet you there! And you can still have it at the reduced price at 450.
1 month
JMC 2000 Marshall - Triple Super Lead (TSL) 100 watt valve amp for sale with original Marshall five way footswitch, power supply lead 1/4" connector jack lead and original manual. This price is now dropped from 500 to 450 Euros for a limited time only for a quick sale.

The Cab in this add is sold.
1 month
Cab is sold!
Thank you BarryHo!
1 month
Offering 170e Just for the cab. Thanks!
1 month
@BarryHo: No word yet! I just made a very quick mobile video to show the amp, pedal and cab working with todays time stamp. So if you make the offer we can DM and 3pm ish today is fine.
1 month
Any word? I’m in D17 today so could brooks by about 3ish if that suited.
1 month
@Delliman: Looks like we are good to go on this at 450!? BarryHo has offered to make up the difference by going170 for the cab.
1 month
@BarryHo: Great thanks and much appreciated! I expect both of you will want to test the gear, so when both of you confirm offers, I can DM and we can make arrangements.
1 month
Any craic on this? I’ll go 170 for the cab if that sorts it
1 month
@Delliman: Thank you! 470 and this is yours.
1 month
I'd want the head for 450 as I bought the combo but I'd take it off your hands for that as I gave to travel along way to collect cheers
1 month
@BarryHo: Great! Thank you. Let me check with Delliman in the morning if he is still interested in the head.
1 month
I’ll take the cab so, could collect it Wednesday or on the weekend if you’re about.
1 month
@BarryHo: Hi! Yes! If I have two genuine buyers at the same time. Option 1: head + power supply lead + 1/4" jack cable + 5 way controller footswitch + manual = 500 Euros. Option 2: The cab, 150 Euros.