Blackstar HT-5R MkII - Bronco Grey

Blackstar HT-5R MkII - Bronco Grey Blackstar HT-5R MkII - Bronco Grey Guitar Amps

Hardy used and never gigged in perfect condition.

Limited Edition Colour - Bronco Grey

5 watt combo
ECC83 preamp valve, 12BH7 power amp valve
Unique push-pull power amp design
2 channels
Footswitchable voices for Clean and Overdrive
Power reduction to 0.5 watts
USB audio out
XLR D.I. out
Newly voiced studio quality Reverb
1×12 Blackstar designed speaker
2-button footswitch included

Blackstar's HT series has always been highly-regarded. Encompassing a range of British-designed valve amps that don't break the bank, the HT line has been a best-seller at Andertons Music Co. for several years. The Blackstar HT-5R MkII is one of their most popular contenders — now available in a special edition 'Bronco Grey' finish!

The latest incarnation of the HT-5, a modern classic, the HT-5R MkII gives you pure valve tones that are suitable for bedroom levels or quiet rehearsals. Super-compact and easy to transport, the MkII edition boasts a raft of new and updated features. With USB connectivity, balanced XLR outputs and a power reduction switch, the HT-5R has all of the appointments to meet the demands of modern guitarists.
British Valve Tones

The Blackstar HT-5R is a pure and authentic valve-powered amplifier. With a single ECC83 preamp valve, the HT-5R gets most of its British voice from its 12BH7 power amp valve. Delivering pristine-sounding cleans, warm overdrive tones and saturated high-gain, this versatile little combo is suitable for both contemporary players and traditionalists alike.
Switchable Voices

With 2 channels, allowing you to setup switchable clean and overdrive/distortion sounds, the HT-5R has a clever trick up its sleeve. Each channel has two footswitchable voices, giving you more tonal options.

The clean channel lets you access "American" and "British" voices. The latter has a stronger mid-range, while the US-style mode has a more scooped, bright and focused character. Flick to the overdrive channel, and you can choose between "Classic" and "High-Gain" voices. So, whether you want those old-school British rock tones, or aggressive American metal sounds — the choice is all yours!
Modern Features

Blackstar's signature 'ISF' tone knob features on the HT-5R MkII. Letting you mould your overall sound to be more American or British, this unique control gives you that extra level of tweakability, alongside the flexible 3-band EQ.

Also sporting a USB port and balanced emulated XLR outputs, direct recording has never been easier. With the ability to switch between 1x12" and 4x12" cab emulations, you can also take advantage of the HT-5R's headphone output for silent practice.

Speaking of practicing quietly, you can power down the HT-5R to 0.5W. This means that you can get glorious cranked valve sounds at even lower levels! Another great feature is the newly-voiced studio quality reverb too, which you can use to really spruce up your clean tones, for example.
Effects Loop

Last but not least, the Blackstar HT-5R MkII boasts an essential effects loop. This is an excellent addition, and something that you wouldn't typically find on an amp of this size. Letting you seamlessly run modulation and time-based stompboxes between the the preamp and power amp sections, the HT-5R can become a great platform for your pedals.

Innovative 5-Watt valve combo in a stunning Bronco Grey finish
ECC83 preamp valve, 12BH7 power amp valve
Unique push-pull power amp design
2 channels
Footswitchable voices for Clean and Overdrive
Power reduction to 0.5 Watts
USB audio output
XLR D.I. output
Newly-voiced studio quality reverb
1x12" Blackstar-designed speaker
2-button footswitch included

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