TAD Custom CTS 250K Audio Potentiometer Short (1/4") Split Shaft
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The TAD Custom Series made by CTS combines the highest quality details from over 70 years of experience at CTS: solid brass shaft, brass thread, Vintage Audio Taper control characteristics (for logarithmic pots) and the unique dimple design in which the shaft goes right through the housing.

With the vintage "dimple back" potentiometers, the shaft goes completely through the pot to the domed top and is visibly fixed to the back. This provides maximum stability, and ensures the highest quality over the long term when used in guitars and amplifiers.

This "dimple back" design makes the TAD custom series unique and at the same time one of the world's best potentiometers for guitars and amplifiers.

Our CTS potentiometers have a low torque for smooth rotation, and a unique anti-static coating. Additionally they come with a solid brass shaft and brass threads, hence, the perfect upgrade for any amplifier.

Aged vintage pots often have a slightly increased value which gives the sound a little more life and kick. TAD Custom guitar potentiometers are designed to have values slightly above target, to produce this effect.

Track Taper: Logarithmic 30% (J type)
Connection Type: Soldering Lug
Resistance Value: 250K Ω
Casing: Dimple Back
Shaft: 1/4" knurled
Shaft type: Split
Thread: 1/4" (6.4mm) brass
Angle of rotation: 300° +/- 5°
Rating: 1/4W @ 55°C
Insulation: 500V DC
Rotational life test: 10,000 cycles
Shaft material: Brass
Terminal board: Bakelite with flame UL 94V2

*The height on the threaded bushing on this pot makes it ideal for mounting on Strat pickguards.

Feel Free to ask any questions

Terms and conditions: If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase you can return it to us within 14 days and a full refund will be provided. Buyer assumes responsibility for return postage.
Potentiometers and other electronic soldered components must be returned in an un-used, un-soldered state and in the original packaging
Shipping: I offer a choice between Standard or Registered shipping on all my items. I suggest to choose registered mail for your own protection of items being shipped otherwise use standard mail but at your own risk, choose the standard rate if you would like to save on shipping cost. But please be sure that mail never goes missing.

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7 months ago

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3 months
@GuitarGene I don't, sorry..
3 months
Hi, do you happen to have any 25K volume pots for active pickups and 25K tone with push pull?
5 months
I never thought of looking you up. I thought you only dealt on advert I'll make the order on your website no problems thank you
5 months
@JerryD/1980: No worries Jerry. It might be better to go direct on this order. To be honest, it will get very messy to order the parts here. You can drop me an email at the East-West Guitars web page and I can sort an invoice out for you for whatever you need for the project.
5 months
And thank you for getting back to me. I appreciate the advice
5 months
Hi yes included the spline in the measurement i know it'll be a challenge but i got the old harness out fairly easily. Im sure I'll manage. Ill write you up an accurate order later on or tomorrow evening i haven't checked what i actually have here
5 months
@JerryD/1980: Actually if the threaded bushing on the shaft is 18mm you'll want the Emerson long pots. But maybe you've included the spline height too? I believe you are going to have a problem fitting these inside a Sheraton Jerry. The only access for the harness is through the f-hole, there is no channel under the bridge pickup such as what a Gibson Les Paul has, there's just a hole for the pickup cables..
5 months
@JerryD/1980: No worries Jerry. Here's the link for the long shaft pots


but I would say you should be ok with the short shaft ones


Sorry I got mixed up, the the long jacks are €5.95 each.

5 months
Ok I'll put in an order together tomorrow at some stage i doubt your in the shop today. Thank you for taking the time to talk to me
5 months
@JerryD/1980 the long shaft ones are €9.95. I only have a limited amount of Emerson/CTS ones left in stock.
5 months
Pots size are 18mm shafts by 8mm diameter.The base is 25mm. It requires a long shaft jack input . What moneys are we talking please
5 months
@JerryD/1980 Hi Jerry. I don't have pickup covers, but can supply all the rest. The postage is €9 registered. I think the Sheraton will need 3/4" pots but maybe you can measure the depth of the holes to confirm that.
5 months
Hi I ordered a switch frim from you weeks back i was very satisfied with your service. I need to get 2 volume, two tone pots a jack input 2 orange capacitors and a foot of braided wire. Maybe 2 gold pickup covers. I am swapping
pickups in an epiphone sheraton. Is that something you'd provide? What price including postage?
Thank you