Dartfords Nitrocellulose Lacquer Aerosol, 400ml can (Tinted Colours)
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Nitrocellulose lacquer has been used on guitars since the fifties and sixties because of its excellent characteristics. Forming a very thin layer it allows the wood to resonate freely with little restraint. It can be spot repaired easily and when buffed, shows a beautiful shine. Finally, the way this lacquer ages (cracking, yellowing, checking) adds to the character of the instrument.

400 ml per can (Each can will provide 6-8 coats of a guitar body depending on how liberal each coat is)

**A few coats of clear gloss over the top of all colours is recommended for protection and a deeper shine.

Colours available:

• Amber
• British Racing Green
• Dark Brown
• Dark Cobalt Blue
• Dark Oak
• Dark Orange
• Dark Rich Mahogany
• Dark Yellow
• Emerald Green
• Heritage Cherry Red
• Light Blue
• Light Brown
• LIght Orange
• Light Red
• Light Yellow
• Lightest Brown
• Lime Green
• Purple
• Strong Amber
• Teal Green
• Tint Black
• Tinted Walnut
• Tomato Red
• Weak Amber
• Weakest Amber
• Wine Red


Aerosols provide approximately 1.2sq m of coverage each. One can is usually sufficient for most guitar bodies. We recommend 2 for basses.

Usage Overview

A. Preparation
i. (Optional) Grain Fill Wood
ii. Sand to 320 Grit
B. Priming
1. Apply Cellulose Sanding Sealer Primer (3-4 coats)
Sand to 600 Grit
ii. Tinted Cellulose Guitar Paint (2-3 coats)
D. Top coat of Clear Nitrocellulose Guitar Lacquer (3-4 coats)
E. Polish

If buying multiple cans please inquire for postage and lead time as I don't have all the colours in stock and may need to order what you require.

Note* Postal regulations prohibit shipping aerosol cans outside of Ireland. This item must ship by ground freight only.

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3 months
@donedealuser (#44a87): The postage is €13 which will cover the two cans. You can mark the second can for collection.
3 months
1 x heritage cherry and 1 x teal green posted to tullamore for €50 ??
3 months
@donedealuser (#44a87): hi, I have one can left in stock
3 months
Hi, do you have the heritage cherry red in stock ? Thanks
5 months
Hi, Sent u a pm , no pressure, and whenever you get a chance let me know if its in stock. Cheers.
9 months
@dudiscout: The light yellow is used for the classic three colour sunburst if that helps.
9 months
Hi There, will the light yellow you have there give a "lemon burst" effect to go for a slash kinda top?
9 months
@OverTheHorizon just outside of Ballaghaderreen mate
9 months
hello, are you located in Roscommon?
10 months
@boardslapper I have dark brown, yeah. The tints can vary slightly so I would suggest offer up the photo here to the guitar to get a good match.
10 months
Have you any Dark Brown in stock? (Looking to spary a vintage Gibson sunburst project is this the closest colour?)