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TX 3060 12GB SPECS

GPU: GA106
Lithograpy: Samsung 8nm
CUDA cores: 3,584
SMs: 28
RT Cores: 28
Tensor Cores: 112
GPU Boost clock: 1,777MHz
Memory bus: 192-bit
Memory capacity: 12GB GDDR6
Memory speed: 15Gbps
Memory bandwidth: 360GB/s
TGP: 170W

Review by Pc gamer

That's still limited to a 192-bit bus, however, and that means six 32-bit memory controllers on the die. Those can be occupied in either 6GB or 12GB configurations with 8Gb or 16Gb GDDR6 modules from the likes of Micron, Samsung, and SK Hynix. 

An 8GB configuration would only be possible with a larger bus, such as the one on the GA104 GPU. That very GPU could be pared back to replace GA106, in theory. Nvidia has done something similar in the past, with the RTX 2060 actually incorporating some pared back TU104 GPUs, and perhaps could be a way to use up unsuitable silicon, but we're far from more than tacit mention of any such configuration today.

I'm not too certain on the specifics of mixing 8Gb and 16Gb modules on the same package either, for an 8GB GA106 card, but that sounds pretty dicey for more than a handful of reasons. A question I need to follow up with an engineer, no doubt.

Let's stick to what we know, and that's 12GB of GDDR6 rated to 15Gbps over a 192-bit bus. That results in slimmer memory bandwidth compared to the other Ampere generation graphics cards at 360GB/s. The RTX 3070 and 3060 Ti manage 448GB/s.

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