Nine Carat Gold Necklace

Nine Carat Gold Necklace Nine Carat Gold Necklace Gold

Nine (9) Carat Gold Necklace for sale.

For avoidance of all doubt that's "Carat" & NOT carrots; I am NOT a greengrocer.

Not gonna lie, taking a leap of faith with this one in sense I've no real clue what to ask for it but I am 100% open to negotiation on price.

Did have it valued in 2 out of the 3 Jewellers in "Carlow Lad" today & other fella'll be back Tuesday for a 3rd opinion.

So I have a ballpark figure in mind but amn't wedded to it.

So no stupid comments about "Are you smoking something strong with the price you're looking for?", if you're interested make a bid, let's get your people & mine round the boardroom table on this one.

Will I take MORE than the asking price?

Phucking sure will lad; the name's Billy not Silly after all.

Can you tell me more about this product?

I can aye lad, it's a necklace; it goes round your neck.

The end.

P.S. The chain & blood drop come away from each other; they can be declasped/declamped but caveat emptor, it's on you to do this & you won't be "having a go" til the readies're handed over.

P.P.S. It's not hookie; can't stress that enough; like the Fog on the Tyne it's all mine.....all mine...

Like the lad who played for Palace it's "One Size".

But sure lookit, if you haven't got a fat neck then you'll be grand like?

Indeed if your neck's like a jockeys then this will fit perfectly.

Will I be modelling it?
Eh, that'd be a firm no!!

Does it come with instructions or a YouTube tutorial?
Again, it's a necklace; you've a neck; if you can't figure this one out then perhaps it's not the product for you?

Under no financial pressure to sell this item; no skin off my teeth if it remains unsold; sure it'll accumulate in value as a theory anyway............

But lookit, I'm a bloke I'm the kind of bloke not's in touch with his feminine side as he perhaps should be (apart from the side boob; actually both side boobs; sure I'm touching them any chance I get; can be a bit of an unusual sight in my local corner shop though...) so I don't wear necklaces; I'm not Mr. T/B.A. Baracus so I might as well let this go to a good home as it were.

Terms & Conditions >>>>>>>

No "Give it to the Be Kind Project/Carlow County Development Partnership in Carlow" types need apply either; they get in excess (as opposed to "INXS"; they're a band with such hits as "Beautiful Girl" which I most certainly amn't....) 3 Million Euro per year & it's increased annually since 2019 & yet the dopey c***s in our local gossip group keep giving 'em free stuff to give away?
Give your heads a wobble folks, one thing I won't be giving them are these items of clothing or indeed anything else for free.

Again the name's Billy & NOT "Silly" (which would probably not be accepted as a name on a birthcert to be fair....)

No funny money, no buy now pay later, I'll pay ya when my 12th Sprog Kourtney/Kim/Barbie/Rhianna/Jacinta/Britney/Kylie + Jasons mainto comes in from her Da on the 12th of Never Mickey Money Tuesday types need apply.

No magic beans, no polo mints; get up the yard etc.

No try before you buy; I'm not "Penneys Hun".

No swapsies unless you're offering a rub & a tug perhaps & even then you gotta be a ten like the Ukrainian model-beautician one in Carlow; heck even my Polish friend who's alright looking herself in fairness reckons she's a 12 like; high praise indeed!!

Money upfront, PayPal or EFT in advance preferred; cash as a last resort but, as above, no makey-uppy, funny money; I'll fecking haunt ya for rest of your life.

All Duck or No Dinner on this one please.

Collection in "Carlow Lad" preferred but I will post if not from these parts.

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5 months ago

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7 months
It's a gift for donation blood 20times.