Kid goats

2 females in milk. Can be sold with or without kids.
7 kid goats for sale. Ready for weaning. 3 castrated male and 4 females. 2 sets of twins from Saanen mother and boer x saanen father. Very good milking cross. Make great pets/Milkers/land and weed management. 2 single males from Saanen x boer. Other kid is a female from same boher x saanen father and crossbred mother (possibly some old Irish). We have been milking her mother as she has too much milk so she should also be a good milker.
Very easily trained to wear collar and walk on lead if needed.

Please feel free to ask questions 🙂

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Bullaun, Galway
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1 month ago

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2 weeks
@Mgrier: I’ve one male, one adult female and one female kid left.
2 weeks
Hi Again,
Just wondering have you the two male kids left?
Thanks Thomas
1 month
@barry.delaney.397: €70 OFFER ACCEPTED
Hi Barry, I’ve accepted so feel free to message me. I’ll send photos when I get home from work of the two males.
1 month
For pm purposes only
1 month
Will I just place an offer for PM purposes
1 month
@barry.delaney.397: yes both males are castrated
1 month
A Male. Are the castrated
1 month
I'll place an offer of €1 so I can send you my number so u can send them WhatsApp me ty
1 month
@barry.delaney.397: yeah sure. Can you link me your Facebook or something so I can send easier? I will look up the diary for their date of birth. Are you looking for male/females ?
1 month
Hi shannon would you have a picture of them plz and what ages are they ty
1 month
@barry.delaney.397: there’s 2 castrated males (50€ each) and one female left (€100). Can do a deal if taking more than one. Thanks, Shannon.
1 month
Hi have u any kid goats left for a pet plz
1 month
Oh happy days. I'll talk to my wife and get back to you. Thanks.
1 month
@Gdj: we had lots of ragwort too but the goats clear it away. Doesn’t seem to affect them. 🙂
1 month
Hi. I'm interested in a few goats for our overgrown field, but we've a lot of ragwort around. Are they good at dodging it or do I need to manually remove it first?
1 month
@petra.majzlikova: she’s between 1 and 2 years old. We haven’t been milking her as we were milking another goat that had too much milk. She will need a little training but she has a nice temperament and she’s Saanen so usually good milkers. If you want I can text/fb you some photos/videos of her?
1 month
Is she a good milker? It's a proper milking goat I am looking for. How old is she?
1 month
@petra.majzlikova: 130€ for last female in milk left. She has a single kid on her but ready for weaning.
1 month
Hi, how much is the goat in milk?
1 month
@Chuck k: Hi, 100 for females, 50 for males. Can do a deal if you want a few. Thanks,