Billy Goats for Stud

i have two billy goats for stud that were born this spring. the service is free of charge if you can provide the same service for me, as in i need a billy to service my herd for new blood into the herd. if not the service is €35 per nanny covered. these are horned nubians x toggenburg.

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Nobber, Meath
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4 months ago

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4 months
@triker62: hi, i spoke with my friend, their mothers are full breed Toggenburg and their father is a full breed Nubian. i will change the add description to suit
4 months
@triker62: hi, sorry for the delay, i think they are 100%. but i am just waiting to hear back from my friend. she knows the line of breeding. when i get confirmation from her, i will get straight back to you.
5 months
Are they 100% Nubian. We have two looking to be served soon.
5 months
@Chuck k: ok. I was looking to get ours covered without a cash transaction.
5 months
No all mine are in kid
5 months
@Chuck k: do you have any nannies you need covered in exchange instead of a cash exchange.
5 months
I have two male's if you want to get them covered
5 months
@Chuck k: i am not particular. The offspring are used for meat. The nannies are covered every year for milk. Me and my friend share a small herd. She takes the milk. I take the meat. But our old breeder billy died earlier this year. He was quite old.
5 months
What kind of Puck are you looking for
5 months
hi chuck, there are 3
5 months
How many nannies are you looking to get covered