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• dry wood 15mm
• swing
• ramp with a rope
The child can hide in the house, swing on the swing, climb the ramp and slide down the slide, from which we can make an even greater attraction by connecting a garden hose.

The playground house was created for children who want to spend time actively outside the home.

The house is made of non-impregnated dried tree, so you need to protect the house with a protective impregnation. The windows are made of a safe plexiglass material that provides good light inside the house. The door can be closed with the attached bolt to secure the house against animals.

• House made of dried wood
Dried wood does not warp like wet wood (it does not twist or bend). There are no such large cracks in the material. When dried at high temperature, the wood loses all the nutrients that attract insects to settle. Chamber drying frees the wood from insects at every stage of its development and destroys the mycelium in the infested wood and most of the spores. Only wood dried to appropriate humidity guarantees its required strength. Wood seasoned in the open air will not achieve the same properties as chamber dried wood.

The playhouse is entirely made of dried wood, with a wall thickness of 15mm, and a 19mm thick floor.

Technical data

• House dimensions: 180 x 190 cm
• The overall outline of the house with a swing: 425 x 300 cm
• The length of the slide's extension: 170 cm
• Ramp extension length: approx. 120 cm
• Height: 280 cm
• Height to the platform: 120 cm
• The dimensions of the bungalow inside: 115 x 170 cm
• Terrace dimensions: 180 x 63 cm
• Height inside the cottage: 150 cm
• Minimum roof height inside: 113 cm
• Usable area of ​​the cottage: 1.95 m2 + 1.13 m2
• Entrance dimensions: 50 x 109 cm
• Windows: made of plastic
• Window dimensions: 50 x 54 cm
• The thickness of the board in the walls: 15 mm
• The thickness of the board on the roof: 15 mm
• Board thickness on the floor: 19 mm
• Included in the floor: Yes
• Wood species: Pine / Spruce
• Cross-section of the post (legs) of the house: 70 x 70 mm
• The cross-section of the swing post (legs): 90 x 90 mm

Simple structure and simple assembly. You will need basic tools such as: hammer, spirit level, drill / driver.

The set includes assembly instructions and a set of necessary fittings (screws, hinges, nails).

The assembly time for two is only 7 hours.

ATTENTION! The product should not come into direct contact with the ground, a drive-in anchor is a good foundation. Contact with the ground will shorten the life of the product.The cottage should be attached to the ground. Depending on the substrate, we recommend:

Hammer-in tips - for mounting on the ground

Post bases - for mounting on hard surfaces, concrete, cubes, etc.


Platform slide: 1.25 m

The set includes:

• The structure of the house, which includes ready-made elements, i.e. walls, floor, posts, roof, doors.
• A swing frame with 2 standard seats (RED) and two sets of clamps.
• Slide
• Ramp with rope
• Installation instructions
• Set of screws
The set does NOT include:

Roofing material (roofing felt / shingle)

Anchor (element connecting the posts - ground)

Ramp with rope

• Ramp dimensions: 177 x 73 cm
• Rope length: 200 cm
• Wood species: Pine


Product made of dried wood, not impregnated

It must be immediately treated with a wood preservative (impregnant, oil).

dispatch time may take up to 30 days.

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@Kat mc Yes it’s quite simple
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@Kat mc we don’t assemble them, however we can reccomend someone that would do it for you depending on location.
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How much fitted
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@APPLIANCES202 that’s correct, it’s pretty simple to assemble but we do not have staff available to do it.
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Sorry! We deliver but we do not assemble.
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@APPLIANCES202 we deliver, however we don’t supply
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