Black Cat Found

Black Cat found Crumlin D12

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Crumlin, Dublin

3 months ago

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1 month
@kaizer_soze Sorry hes here since August, brought him the vet they said hes neutered and about 8 year old, very friendly, chases foxes out of garden though 😂 if it could be him you are welcome to have a look, Im beside transport club, otherwise goodluck in your search, twitter, facebook, Ispca website also have lost and found.
1 month
Damn. Thought we had found him then. Thanks anyway.
1 month
@kaizer_soze Hi Kevin, this cat is here since June and is neutered, so I dont think it could be him sorry.
1 month
1 month
Hi there, we live on Cashel Road and our black cat called Lucky ran away 4 weeks ago one night when there were fireworks going off. Our kids are heartbroken. He has half a tail, is very friendly, doesn't get on with other cats and is slim with green eyes. He also hasn't been neutered yet. If you think this is our cat, can you please contact me?Thanks. Kevin
2 months
Is this cat lost?
2 months
Hi I'd love this cat! I have everything it needs, the only problem is I can't come to you, so I was wondering if you could come to me and I pay you?
3 months
@kennier09 cheers ill have a look
3 months
There a post on Facebook some looking for black cat up that way. Can’t remember wat page put probably lost cats Ireland
3 months
@roby1ward I cant see any where abouts on it
3 months
Has the cat got a bald patch on its body