Standard Sump 75x38x39cm custom
Brand new

HIGH QUALITY sump with 2 x 4″ socks holder, refugium/media section and skimmer adjustable water level section. Read description for our standard dimensions. Built-in 4 dosing tube holder + 4 extra hole, 2 pcs 4″ Filter Socks included, 105X230mm (200um)
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We can make section dimension for your preference length if required.

Length x Width x Height
Product Dimensions 75 x 38 x 38.6cm
Product Weight ( 15.42 kg )
Probe Holders: 1
Drains: 32mm or 25
Socks: 2 x 4"

Dosing Tube Inputs: 2 group of 4 x 6mm

Dimensions (L x W) 22 x 36.5cm
Water Height 24cm

Skimmer Section
Dimensions (L x W) 22 x 36.5cm
Adjustable Gate Yes
Min Water Height 14cm (5.5")
Max Water Height 23cm (9")

Return Pump Section
Dimensions (L x W) 12 x 36.5cm

The aquarium water enters the sump into a dedicated section, the water then overflows into the filtration socks chamber to prevent salt creep and reduce noise. The filter sock chamber allows you to choose what filtration in different grain sizes you want. Once the socks first chamber becomes blocked, the water spills over to the second chamber.

Water then flows out the bottom into the refugium/media section, the water then flows over where to the protein skimmer section with adjustable water level. Last is the return section where the return pump will sit, pumping water back to the display tank. Between protein and return section is a platform open to use for several different filtration methods (bag of carbon, bio balls, bio media, foam etc.).

White colouring to block light and prevent unwanted algae growth in other sections

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