Ozone generator, Ozonizer

In perfect condition.

Up to 300mg/hr with built in silent pump.
Perfect for running trought skimmer or in ozone reactor.

Sterilization and purification of water by the use of ozone has been used for many years in drinking water and waste water treatment plants throughout the world. Ozone is a very reactive form of oxygen that can destroy an enormous variety of liquid waste materials and toxins. In the aquarium, it offers a simple, highly effective method of maintaining a clean and stable environment for the algae and animals.

Benifits of an Ozonizer
Increases the performance of protein skimmers and biological filters
Kills white spot cryptocaryon irritans on contact in the protein skimmer
Produces transparent and healthy water
Diminishes the load of nitrite and ammonia evident
augments the redoxpotential and the content of oxygen
diminishes the load of disinfectants in the water
Decomposes yellow substances and other pollutants for the degradation inside the biological filter
Ozone is a safe and remarkably effective agent capable of killing a wide variety of microorganisms. Viruses, bacteria, spores, some chemical impurities, etc., are all attacked and destroyed by ozone. Additionally, toxic materials treated with ozone are nearly always converted into less toxic compounds, enhancing their adsorption by bacteria, algae, and/or activated carbon. As an example, in the marine aquarium, ozone will steadily convert ammonia to nitrite and rapidly (on contact) convert nitrite to nitrate.

Ozone promotes the formation of stable foaming compounds from otherwise non-foaming components, noticeably increasing the efficiency of protein skimmers in marine aquariums. When ozone is used with a protein skimmer, complex waste materials not removed as foam are further broken down to simpler component parts and passed off to the atmosphere or broken down into materials readily consumed by the bacteria and algae in the aquarium.

We recommend that protein skimmers always be used with ozone. After 24-48 hours of protein skimming with ozone, the water in the aquarium will seem to "disappear" as the small particles and colored materials are removed from the water. The clarity of the water is quite simply unequaled by any other system. Some early literature expresses concern about the hazards of excessive ozonization.

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