Large fish tank

1700 liter fish tank in perfect condition no scratches on glass
15 mill glass
Lights working and there is a lid
Can be delivered for a extra 300
Size 142 inches long x 31 inches high x 2 foot depth

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Newbridge, Kildare
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7 months ago

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6 months
@submarinesheep sorry don’t no the weight and it’s glass
6 months
Is this glass or acrylic? And do you know the weight
7 months
@galatasaray no problem
7 months
7 months
@galatasaray it’s perfect there is a other role of plastic over it protecting it . Stand it perfect
7 months
7 months
Outside under rain,how is the condtion with wood cabinet?
7 months
Still available:
7 months
@kev2kool2204 sorry can’t I have two much in it I could do 1600 two tanks lights and filters
7 months
Let me know if you change your mind. This wont fit in my house but will fit in my cafeteria. I can do for my 2 tanks without filter and fishes as I'll be using them in your one. 2 tank no accessories+ 1g. Your call
7 months
@kev2kool2204 sorry can’t go that low I could do 1400 and your two tanks with everything
7 months
€1,000 OFFERED
8 months
@zeuswonderboy lights and lid don’t have a filter but I have a sump there with a pump that u can have with the tank
8 months
Sumped? Filters? Lights?
8 months
@tomopool no problem. I think the glass alone for this tank is 2000 and then u have to get it made
8 months
I wouldn't argue with cheap as it though you'll still do well to move it for that price.l-it's hard trying to sell second hand aquariums for decent money -I have a 7 foot aquarium and I had to sell my 5 footer and a 4 footer to swing it and I only got a 3rd of what I paid for them, best of luck with the sale anyway I'd love to take it but it wouldn't even fit in me house !!!haha
8 months
@tomopool no problem it’s going cheap do
8 months
Wow that's a beast!!!!....if I win the lotto I be on to ya!!!
8 months
@dartfrog it sure is I would love to hold onto it myself but a bit tight for cash
8 months
Wow thats one hell of a tank..
Can i have it for free..
It fits well on my shed their buddy.. lol