25 litre fish tank including 3 gold fish water treatment food gravel light and filter price also included glass cleaner to clean inside of tank

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Carol Dempsey1
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Whitehall, Dublin
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9 months ago

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9 months
@catmando: €25 OFFER ACCEPTED
9 months
€6 for fish only
9 months
9 months
@catmando then yes offer ill accept
9 months
have a 480 litre , 200 lt , and they will go into 120 litre
9 months
@catmando do you havdo you have good tank and all they need
9 months
6 for the three
9 months
@catmando for how much ?
9 months
Understand would you sell the fish only ?
9 months
@catmando thats not even cover cost for extràs water treatnor im not trying to profit
9 months
Hi Carol I know you have come don from the 25 asking price , but 15 is my best let me know asap and if happy will collect later today
9 months
@catmando 20itsyours
9 months
hi I know you said no neg on price But I am in Dublin Tomorrow and will offer 15 for it and can collect tomorrow
9 months
@danceswithwolfs 👍
9 months
A great I did not no I was getting the plants also and they go of best wishes on your sale u seem a very nice understanding person 👍
9 months
@danceswithwolfs no dont mind you messaging me at all i had a plant in until few days ago it died water kept going green have ornament in now just empty tank for picture so fish clear
9 months
Hi no offence could u please put in a plant even a ornemant or maybe a few big stones just to give these fish a home friendly feeling they look so alone ..if could give fish to someone seperatly for a much bigger tank they look very cramped up you'll still get sale for tank maybe someone that breeds fish my apologies I just couldn't help rite u when I looked at these little guys 😭
9 months
@brendah1335 no sorry im not near there
9 months
Hiya are you ever in clonard or passing through clonard?