ATI 36 Inch 39 W T5HO Fluorescent Bulbs

Few of them used rest of them are brand new.
Used 10€/each
New 15€/each

Beautiful coral color.
Even better growth.

Time-tested, proven results

More than 17 years of proven results since their introduction to the market in 2000. ATI T5 bulbs use the latest advances in phosphors (the stuff that makes the color) and manufacturing techniques to produce bulbs with higher output, better coloration, and more stability.

ATI's unique assortment of bulb options help bring out a wide range of colors in corals and makes fluorescent capable corals really pop. Just pick the bulbs that meet your personal color preference and plug it in.

Aquablue Special

Combines the properties of a full-spectrum bulb with an elevated blue color peak producing a bulb with an approximate color temperature of 15,000K.

Blue Plus

Widely regarded as the most popular reef aquarium T5 bulb of all time, Blue Plus combines the properties of a blue bulb (approximately 460nm) with an actinic bulb (approximately 420nm). This produces an intense blue light with high PAR numbers and a light spectrum that encourages both coloration in SPS corals and fluorescence in capable corals. It also helps balance washed out/yellow-hued tanks. Recommended as a supplement to LEDs and metal halides and commonly used for sunrise and sunset applications in T5 set ups.

Coral Plus

Combines the properties of a Blue Plus (~50%), Aquablue Special (~40%) and Purple Plus (~10%) producing a bulb with a cool, crisp white color with hints of red and blue. The higher blue component compared to an Aquablue Special produces better fluorescence in capable corals and the red component is excellent for color rendition. Approximate color temperature of 15000K+.

Purple Plus

Combines the properties of a full spectrum bulb with strong red and blue components, producing a bulb with excellent color rendition that works very well to bring out pinks, purples and reds in an aquarium. Recommended in combination with at least two or more other T5 bulbs.

True Actinic

Produces a violet-blue light that is designed to maximize fluorescence in capable corals and make livestock colors pop. Color spectrum peaks at 421nm. Usually just one per fixture is used to add additional fluorescence to the system. Recommended as a supplement to LEDs and metal halides and commonly used for sunrise and sunset applications in T5 set ups.

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Comments & Offers
2 weeks
@jonathan12 thanks
2 weeks
Grand I'll have a look an get bk to you tomorrow
2 weeks
@jonathan12 no idea. There are the measurements: 39W - 850mm / 34” (l) – 5/8”- 16 mm(w) 
2 weeks
Would these fit a jewel reo 24L fish tank about 4ft
1 month
Still Available: only blue plus, coral plus and aquablue special left
1 month
For PM
1 month
@cynxmhon: Yes of course. make an offer for pm
1 month
All 4x ‘need 39watts, thanks
1 month
Is there available new (2x)Blue+,(1x)Coral & (1x)Purple?
Can collect on Sunday! Thanks
7 months
@adystef02 no worries. I have few 4ft 54w bulbs as well
7 months
7 months
@adystef02 it's in the name 39w, 36"
7 months
What size you have?