Aquael Ultra Heater D&N 200W Unbreakable Aquarium Heater up to 200L

Aquael Ultra Heater D&N 200W Unbreakable Aquarium Heater up to 200L Aquael Ultra Heater D&N 200W Unbreakable Aquarium Heater up to 200L Fish Tanks
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Aquael Ultra Heater 200W D&N Unbreakable Heater for Aquarium 130-200L 2 OPERATION MODES

The Ultra Heater Day&Night heater for aquariums from 130 to 200L will maintain a precisely constant aquarium water temperature around the clock, or reproduce the diurnal amplitude as in natural aquatic ecosystems.

An aquarium heater designed for the most temperature-sensitive aquarium inhabitants. Thanks to the DAY&NIGHT system, it will recreate in the tank a temperature amplitude close to the diurnal one that characterises natural aquatic ecosystems. The unbreakable plastic housing guarantees safe use in aquaria with aquatic turtles and large fish.

The water temperature in natural bodies of water such as rivers and lakes is not constant. The water reacts to thermal changes in the air and changes with them even over the course of a day. This is, of course, a gradual and natural process that does not harm the water inhabitants. Above all, the functioning of living organisms is adversely affected by rapid temperature fluctuations.

For the care of your aquarium's sensitive inhabitants

With the thermal well-being of the most demanding aquarium animal species in mind, several years ago Aquael created the UltraHeater heater. The heater is equipped with an extremely sensitive electronic thermostat operating with a precision of +/- 0.25°C. As soon as the aquarium water temperature drops by the mentioned 0.25°C, the heater automatically starts working and increases the water temperature to the programmed one. Importantly, thanks to the Smart Heating system, the process of heating the water runs smoothly, without sudden temperature spikes and without stressing the sensitive aquarium inhabitants. A major advantage of the heater, affecting its safety, is the housing. The plastic from which it is made does not heat up and does not shatter, which makes the heater suitable for breeding both sensitive armours and rays as well as strong aquatic turtles.

Sensitive day and night

In order to create thermal conditions in the aquarium as close to natural as possible, the UltraHeater is equipped with the DAY&NIGHT system. This functionality allows the aquarium to reproduce the diurnal temperature amplitude characterising natural aquatic ecosystems. So, all you have to do is select the appropriate mode of operation of the heater and programme the temperatures at which the device should operate during the day and at night. As you set the evening, a sensitive sensor will react to reduced light access and the heater will automatically start operating in night mode. This means that the aquarium water temperature will gradually decrease to the value indicated by the user. An analogous process will occur as the sun rises - the UltraHeater DAY&NIGHT heater will gradually heat the water until it reaches the desired temperature.

DAY&NIGHT product family

The UltraHeater DAY&NIGHT heater is another Aquael product designed to help replicate natural living conditions in the aquarium environment as closely as possible. Products equipped with the DAY&NIGHT function simulate the changes in temperature and light intensity characteristic of the diurnal cycle, according to which many biological processes important for the proper functioning and development of living organisms take place.


- DAY & NIGHT SENSOR - Intuitive change of the heater mode

- Fully electronic

- Smart Heating System technology for intelligent heater power selection

- Functional double-sided hanger

- Built-in thermal cut-out

- Display of the current tank temperature

- Clear indication of the programmed temperature

- Even heat distribution

- Shatterproof housing

- Wide-range electronic precision thermostat +/- 0.25°C

- Two operating modes:

basic-Function of the Ultra Heater thermostat, maintaining a constant set temperature in the tank
variable-possibility to program the temperatures at which the device is to operate during the day and at night

Technical data:

Power: 200W
Suitable for tanks: 130-200l
Temperature control: yes
Heater length: 27.4cm
Accuracy: 0.25°C
Protection against overheating
Thermometer function

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