Aqua Nova NUVC-9W Steriliser Lamp UV-C 9W

Aqua Nova NUVC-9W Steriliser Lamp UV-C 9W Aqua Nova NUVC-9W Steriliser Lamp UV-C 9W Fish Tanks
Brand new


for use in ponds or aquariums.
prevents the growth of algae and greening of the water
destroys protozoa, bacteria and other pathogenic organisms


The UV-C lamp is an essential element of every aquarist's and pond's holder. It acts as an eliminator of algae found in water, fights bacteria and parasites dangerous to fish and farmed plants, while eliminating the causes of most diseases. Is the most effective remedy for the so-called "green water". Provides the effect of crystal clear water. Sterilization with UV-C rays does not change the chemical composition of the water. It is a safe, reliable and quick method of disinfecting water without the use of temperature and chemicals. The UV-C lamp is an excellent solution in the fight against algae, and also does not allow them to multiply again.

in aquariums:

The UV-C lamp is very useful for breeding sensitive and delicate fish susceptible to bacterial infections. It is used in freshwater and marine aquariums. It supports the fight against fish diseases, allowing you to safely reduce and even completely eliminate pathogens found in water. It helps in the fight against protozoa that cause diseases in saltwater fish, including so-called "fishpox". The UV-C lamp is recommended in all aquariums with a large number of fish, because it helps to keep water clean and sterile.

in ponds:

The UV-C lamp is a perfect solution for anyone who wants to maintain purity of water in ponds. There should be at least 1W of lamp power for every cubic meter of water (1000l) in a pond.


Water pumped through the UV Lamp flows in a thin layer directly in the field of UV-C ultraviolet radiation, which destroys algae, bacteria and other pathogenic organisms. Thanks to the sterilizer, the water in the tank remains clean and clear all the time, and the fish and plants live in a comfortable and healthy environment, which is additionally protected against diseases. The UV-C lamp also prevents greening of the water and the development of algae that appear under the influence of light and changing the pH of the water. The outer wall of the active sterilizer chamber is made of quartz glass. The thoughtful housing design makes replacing the light bulb very easy even for an inexperienced hobbyist.

The UV-C lamp should be powered by a properly selected pump or aquarium filter (when used in an aquarium). Special connectors allow the connection of hoses of various diameters.

Do not touch the fluorescent glass directly with your hands. Any fingerprints should be removed with a dry cloth before assembly.

Product features:

for applications in the pond or aquariums
prevents the growth of algae and greening of the water
destroys protozoa, bacteria and other pathogenic organisms
safe for flora and fauna
does not change the chemical composition of water
high-quality quartz glass tube protects the active chamber from water and allows maximum irradiation and sterilization
special housing ensures operation only inside the lamp
UV filament and accessories enabling connection to various filtration systems included
high quality
easy to use and maintain


power 9 W
aquarium capacity 280 l
pond / pond capacity up to 4,500 l
maximum water flow 3500 l / h
power supply: any pump
connection diameters 20/25/32/40 mm
method of attachment - outside the tank
filament life 10000 h
efficiency after 8000 h - 80%
sterilizer length 31 cm
230 V power supply

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