2kg 100% Activated CARBON

2kg 100% Activated CARBON 2kg 100% Activated CARBON Fish Tanks
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We selling Aquarium,Pond,KOI Activated Carbon 500g +/- 5%net
Can be used for aquarium, ponds, or drinking water filters

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What Is Activated Carbon
Activated carbon is carbon that has been treated in such a way that creates a large number of tiny pores, greatly increasing its surface area. This massive surface area allows it to adsorb a large volume of material, making it useful for removing pollutants from both air and water. Different methods of creating activated carbon result in different forms, which are geared for a variety of uses. In aquariums the form used is GAC, or granular activated carbon. Forms of activated carbon include:

BAC, or bead activated carbon
GAC, or granular activated carbon
EAC, or extruded activated carbon
PAC, or powdered activated carbon (also available in compressed pellet form)

There are also different sources for the carbon itself, each resulting in different possible pore size. Materials such as coal, coconuts, peat, and wood are all sources of carbon used to create activated carbon. For aquariums, the best source is bituminous coal.

What Activated Carbon Does
Activated carbon adsorbs a number of dissolved contaminants such as; chloramines and chlorine, tannins (which color the water) and phenols (which cause odors).

Placement in Filter
Activated Carbon will lose its effectiveness rather quickly if exposed to lots of debris from the aquarium. Therefore, carbon should be placed after the mechanical filtration media in the filter. Keep in mind that if you do not keep your tank clean, and debris builds up in the

Changing Activated Carbon
Because activated carbon binds with the compounds it removes, it eventually becomes ‘full’ and can no longer remove any other contaminants. Therefore, it must be regularly replaced. Generally replacing it once per month is sufficient. Going for an extended period of time without replacing the carbon will not harm the tank. However, it will eventually lose its ability to remove toxins from the water.filter, the activated carbon will not be effective.

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