Built-in fire place stove

We are selling our beautyful fire place due to re-modeling of the house.
It was bought and delivered from Germany.
Brand ‚Spartherm’. 7kW output, would make a 20m2 room easily cosy warm.
It has a framless glass corner door showing off the fire to best effect. Maximum functionality is combined here with stylish, modern elegance.
On the pictures you can see our arrangements and some other cool Interiors’ ideas.
It has adjustable legs to meet your height requirements. We include flue with angled sections, however we recommend a professional installer to make it safe.
New ones are over 1000€. Priced to sell as we need to make room quickly for the builders. It will be cleaned and you need a big car to collected.

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Rialto, Dublin
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1 month
@dkoloughlin: €1 OFFER ACCEPTED
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1 month
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1 month
@dkoloughlin, sorry I did it, but it bounced back to the original setting which I didn’t notice. Should work now.
1 month
Can you facilitate this?
1 month
Not able to proceed as you haven’t adjusted your minimum offer limit on the site
1 month
@dkoloughlin, ✅
1 month
I’m really at my offer of €200 because due to the weight I will have to hire equipment to transport it. Can you accept a minimum offer of €1 to facilitate a discussion?
1 month
@dkoloughlin, thank you.
I was planning to sell it for 350€ (which is well worth it) but went down to 300€ to sell. If you give me 250€ it’s yours - ready to go.
1 month
My maximum offer would be €200
1 month
@dkoloughlin, I’m sorry but too low
1 month
I would be willing to buy this at €150.