MINT Hasselblad Xpan boxed with 45mm + 90mm lens

MINT Hasselblad Xpan boxed with 45mm + 90mm lens MINT Hasselblad Xpan boxed with 45mm + 90mm lens Film Cameras

Perfect condition hasselblad Xpan. This is the imported Japanese version which has the superior finish that is less prone to scratching. It is compatible with all of the accessories and lenses of the western version. As you can see from the photos everything from the cosmetic condition to the lens is tip top superb. I imported this from japan and have stored it in a dehumidifier safe.

It comes with two lenses, the EBC Fujinon 45mm and the 90mm. Its still in its original packaging, no fungus or scratching on the lenses. The condition is practically brand new. The shutter count is also very low (150 actuations), which can be verified in real life by the camera's own counter.

I highly suggest having a look in real life if you're interested in buying. Its very rare to find the japanese version in Europe, and its even rarer to find it in this condition. I can send the original receipt upon request.

Ask me if you need any specific photo of the camera.

FUJIFILM TX-1 aka Hasselblad Xpan

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1 month ago

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2 months
No bother.
2 months
@Rob181 yes, sold via ebay (:
2 months
How are ya.
Is the Fuji Pro400H sold??
3 months
€4,800 OFFERED
4 months
Still Available:
5 months
Good evening! Glad to see your willing to sell this internationally. Sorry for my disappearance, I originally ended up in this website because of this camera only and I receive no notifications to alert me about your messages. I sent you an offer, I hope we could deal privately. Regards,
5 months
@freakosvky hello. Welcome back 😂
5 months
@freakosvky hello. Welcome back 😂
5 months
€5,000 OFFERED
5 months

Im sorry if this is too expensive for you, but it genuinely is a good price for the lot includes the lenses and hood.
6 months
Still Available:
7 months
Accepting for DM
7 months
€5,000 OFFERED
Sure but I can only send DM if you accept the offer…it seems I cannot contact you otherwise :

Unable to send private message
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AjbbAlex 1/
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7 months
@AjbbAlex: Your username is not showing up on search, would you kindly link it or DM me? Thanks
7 months
I have a profile on eBay or another marketplace named Shpock you could check feedback there if you like
7 months
That’s because I am new here and came across your ad all the way from Netherlands. I mean payment via PayPal is safe for both parties. Funds would be sent prior to shipping….
7 months
@AjbbAlex solid offer but unfortunately no feedback on your profile
7 months
€5,000 OFFERED
I am willing to meet you at 5000 but via PayPal so I have the insurance included if it is ok with you
7 months
€4,000 OFFERED
8 months
@freakosvky Very well. In this case I would demand the full price upfront, aswell as +30eu for postage and packaging. If you are still interested, I would give it a try.