Hanimex 35 Micro Flash Compact 35mm Film Camera 32mm f2.8 Lens

Hanimex 35 Micro Flash Compact 35mm Film Camera 32mm f2.8 Lens Hanimex 35 Micro Flash Compact 35mm Film Camera 32mm f2.8 Lens Film Cameras

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The Hanimex 35 Micro Flash is a 35mm ultra compact with built in flash made by Hanimex. The camera is marked Japan although the company producing it for Hanimex is unknown

It was shown at Photokina 1980 and marketed from 1981. It has a 32mm 1:2.8 4 zone focus lens. Exposure is set manually. In intended use the user sets the camera ISO setting (64, 100 or 400 ISO). This adjust a small window above the lens which will show one of 4 icons (sunny, hazy, cloudy & flash) which is set by moving another lever. The camera is supposed to have 2 shutter speeds (1/180 & 1/60) but the slower is likely triggered in flash mode. A low light warning CdS system encourages the user to turn on the manual flash. Both the flash and low light system are powered by 2xAAA but the camera will work without batteries. The viewfinder is simple with no framelines.

It appears closely related to the Hanimex 35ee Micro


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1 week
Still Available: Buyer changed his mind, so back on sale
1 week
2 months
Still available: the buyer took another of my cameras so this one is back on sale. Cheers
2 months
2 months
Back on sale as after having the camera checked professionally everything works except the flash that needs a new bulb.
So the price is reduced. Thank you for looking
3 months
3 months
@AliMc93 thank for your offer but try to find this camera in working order for €60 on the web and you will realise that mine is probably and by far the cheapest working version of the flash version of this hanimex. So I will stick to €60 as it is already a very nice offer I gave you. Thank for looking again. Cheers
3 months
What about €50? And I can collect on Sunday?
3 months
@AliMc93: Hi there and thank you for your offer.
I have seen that you offered on few cameras. I will be happy with €60, but not €45.
Thank you for looking though
3 months