Tractor GPS for Fertiliser, Spraying and Slurry
Brand new

€735 (€900 incl. VAT) Basic System
€890 (€1095 incl. VAT) Pro System
€1220 (€1500 incl. VAT) Pro+ System

This is a complete system! The only thing it doesn't come with is a tractor!

The Gypsy Guidance System:

A Portable Tractor Guidance system that can be installed or uninstalled in a tractor in under 30 seconds.

Fully Irish developed, the GyPSy system is EGNOS compatible, offering pass-to-pass accuracy of between 30 cm and one metre (upgradeable to wired antenna with pass-to-pass accuracy of between 10 cm and 30 cm).

Store up to eight machine profiles for quick access, with no messing about changing settings from a fertiliser spreader to a sprayer.

Measure the area of fields in both acres and hectares.

Draw parallel lines so you can get perfectly parallel tramlines every time, with no wastage or missed spots (store fields with upgraded system to get perfect headland coverage every time).

13 hours of battery life for the basic unit, with in-tractor power supplies included, for indefinite spreading.

Includes fully-functional 8-inch Lenovo Android tablet with 10-11 hours spreading battery life.

Save fields for perfect headland coverage, knowing you are perfectly hitting the field boundary every time (Pro unit only).

Useable on tractors, ATVs and quad bikes.

Updateable over the internet with new features and upgrades.

Made by an Irish farmer (Mid-Cork Dairy farm) for Irish farmers.

-Lenovo Tablet with GyPSy app installed
-Silicone tablet case
-Bluetooth GPS receiver/ Wired Pro receiver
-GPS receiver magnetic tractor mount
-Rugged windscreen mount
-12V socket power adapters for Tablet and Bluetooth GPS Receiver

Coming Soon: Antenna Upgrade to 30 cm pass-to-pass accuracy.

Same day delivery, installation and demonstration available on request

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