Shamrock Health Booster/Horse Mineral Block
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Horse Block:

Shamrock Horse Block is designed specifically for foals and horses and is free from naturally occurring prohibited substances (NOPS). The Horse Block is formulated to promote red blood cell synthesis, blood circulation, energy production, bone and hoof conditioning, muscle contraction, fertility and appearance (coat and skin). The Shamrock Horse Block is designed to meet every nutritional requirement of the animal and can be used all year round.

Features and Benefits:
Seaweed based
Digestive tract buffer.
No fillers added.
Low usage rate.
Available 24 hours a day.
High in all minerals, trace elements and vitamins necessary for a healthy horse.
Improves overall performance.
Promotes appearance and bone strength.

Health Booster:

The natural way for healthier horses.
Shamrock Health Booster is a blend of freshly harvested seaweeds with added organic copper. Each type of seaweed is blended in the correct proportion in order to enhance the health and well-being of horses.

Features and Benefits:
Totally natural product.
Improves gut Health.
Improves immune system.
Increase stamina.
Counteracts winter rain wash.
Improves the absorption of the nutrient of the feed.
Contains low level of iodine.
Improves condition of hooves.
Strengthens bone structure.
Counteracts copper deficiency.
Improves appearance and general health.

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