Cisco Ssd-240g V01

Cisco Ssd-240g V01 Cisco Ssd-240g V01 External Hard Drives
Brand new

Cisco pluggable USB3.0 SSD 240GB storage

5 pieces available.

Full details on the link:

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2 months ago

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1 month
That is wrong.
I just checked Amazon,
The 120gb of the Cisco drive goes for £495
1 month
So I guess it's an enterprise grade nvme drive inside.
I just checked on Amazon the prices for similar drives and they are from £120 for 1tb drive and so on...
1 month

Cisco enterprise performance SSDs deliver superior performance compared to HDDs. Enterprise performance SSDs support higher read-write workloads and have a longer expected service life. Enterprise performance SSDs provide high endurance and support up to 10 full-drive write operations per day. People in IT definitely knows it value as you can’t use regular HDD on Enterprise infrastructure
1 month
Thank you!
Still doesn't make sense to me, sorry.
I know what encrypted SSDs are. It's only 240gb large... Not even 1tb or 2tb
1 month
This is unlike the Normal memory drive.

Cisco SSDs (Solid State Drives) are often designed and optimized for use within Cisco networking and data center equipment or with any other computer or devices.

Compatibility: Cisco SSDs are engineered to work seamlessly with Cisco networking and storage solutions, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility.
Reliability: Cisco typically emphasizes reliability and durability in its hardware. SSDs are known for faster data access and reduced risk of mechanical failures compared to traditional HDDs.
Performance: Cisco SSDs may be designed for high-performance applications, providing faster data transfer speeds and lower latency, which can be crucial in networking environments.
Endurance: Enterprise-grade SSDs often have features to enhance endurance, ensuring they can withstand continuous read and write operations over an extended period.
Security: Cisco may implement security features in its SSDs, such as encryption and secure erase capabilities, to enhance data protection.
Customization: Cisco might tailor SSDs to specific networking or data center requirements, providing solutions that are optimized for Cisco's ecosystem.
1 month
Just wondering what is so special about it for €600?