Yamaha lp500 lord player, made in japan Les paul

Late 70's Early 80's Japanese made LP lawsuit guitar.
Currently with a set of JB/jazz pickups but still have original pickups.
More Gibson than Gibson is frequently thrown about
Bit of a rarity,, as it was made for the Japanese market only.
The studio lord model which you tend to see online a bit more, is of lesser quality.
This is a mahogany body/neck with a maple cap
Comes with a gator hard case

If you are interested here's a link to a good run down in the history https://www.alston-family.co.uk/sllp/indexsllp.php
Not interested in trades
#lespaul #yamaha #gibson

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2 months ago

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2 months
@dan_utd: €1 OFFER ACCEPTED
Sure thing
2 months
For PM
2 months
Post photos of the frets, fretboard needs a clean and I've fret polishing kit being delivered Monday/tuesday
2 months
@dan_utd will, do going to hit the hay and working tomorrow, so I'll post photos in better light tomorrow evening
2 months
Thanks for the update. Weight doesn’t seem too heavy which is great. No need to take the strings off. Just loosen them and stretch them to the side, out the way to show what they’re like around the 2nd/3rd fret (I think that’s where wear normally happens first though I’m no expert!). Also let me know if you can see any wear. Thanks!
2 months
So it's 7.7lbs or 3.5kg. how best am I to show the frets? Side profile photos? Take the strings off?
2 months
@dan_utd I realise that might not be a great selling point but it's been looked after while the Tele I feel is a little more indestructible
2 months
👍 thanks
2 months
@dan_utd I don't think there's any issues I'll take some pictures if you like. To be honest it's been in a case most of its life with my Tele getting the most play, hence it getting on the chopping block
2 months
And what’s the fret wear like?
2 months
2 months
@dan_utd hey Dan, everything is stock and I'll weigh it when I'm home
2 months
Hey. Nice looking guitar. I might be interested. I’m a sucker for MIJ guitars! Some questions:
- What’s the weight (is it chambered at all do you know)?
- Is there any fret wear?
- Apart from the newer pick ups, is everything else stock (electronics etc)?
2 months
@swalsh78 sorry not for me, thanks for the offer though!
2 months
Howdy, I could scrape together 350 plus the godin in my ads?
2 months
2 days left on the bump, 28 watchers..
3 months
Bump.....still available
3 months
@DRAMAQUEENBB sort not for me I'm afraid
3 months
@niall linehan cheers Niall, I figure Japanese made Les Paul for epiphone money is a decent ask
3 months
Thanks for the quick reply,I'll try and muster up some more readies and hopefully I'll be back to you. Cheers