modelling Amp plus foot controller, line 6 vetta

Modelling Amp plus foot controller
Tons of effects. More than I can use
4 channels, two independent amps, 3 stomp box.

features Two Amps At Once and the . Each channel is a complete rig, with your choice of amp models–any 2 at once, stompboxes–any 3 at once, and studio quality post-amp processing like reverb, compression, pitch shift, and EQ—all at once. Both amps are totally independent, with different stompboxes, tone controls, cabinets, and FX sends. You even have full panning control so you can stick one on the left and one on the right, or any point in between.
Vetta Combo Features
Complete No-Compromise Guitar System. Rig Functionality, Combo Portability.
Incredibly toneful, next generation amp models. The best we've ever done.
Unique Line 6 features like Two Amps At Once and Double Tracker, combined with a built-in collection of vintage stompboxes and studio gear, give you a live sound previously available only in the studio.
Revolutionary power amp design duplicates the punch and feel of the greatest amps.
Intuitive and comprehensive pedal board for total control of amps, stomp boxes, and effects.
Wet/Dry Cabinet Support
Direct XLR outputs
Programmable stereo effects loop
Flash upgradable software
100 Watts Stereo (conservatively rated)
2x12" Custom Celestion Speaker

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Kildangan, Kildare
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1 month
@craftycb1: €140 OFFER ACCEPTED
1 month
1 month
It’s a great job . For covers it was amazing, could have a patch for every song and the wah is excellent, and can assign the volume pedal to pitch shift for some rage against the machine and U2 . I bought it new with the FC for €2800 . Back when I was out the door with gigs . So it’s an absolute bargain for whoever buys it . GLWS
1 month
@Garboxster never seen an amp with so many options and sounds, wish I seen one 30 year ago.
1 month
I did about 300 gigs with that very amp . It was nicknamed “ The Pig “ by my band members. Which is why I put the castors on it . Enjoy 😊
1 month
Still Available: scam
1 month
@migueorko need more. Thanks
1 month
@Garboxster nothing I can see.
1 month
Any issues with the amp?
1 month
1 month
@Teddyhandsome there you go
1 month
Any pics of the back of the amp please?