Line 6 JTV Variax w/2 batteries and bag

For sale is a Line 6 JTV Variax with two batteries and all cables/charger, cable for connecting to PC. I have upgraded the tuners to locking tuners and put strap locks on it for security.
It is a nice black with a lovely neck and frets etc, comfy well finished. You can drop tune these on the fly, select from teles, strats, Les Paul, ES-335s, Rick 12 strings - you name it. It even has banjo and sitar models and lovely acoustics. Works perfect. I must get something for recording so selling off a few bits including this one. Nice genuine guitar, I do not sell any crap, my gear is well looked after. No trades. The gloss finish is reflecting in the photo that is not a long mark down the guitar top. Comes with Line 6 padded bag.

Here is info on them:

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Carrickmacross, Monaghan
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2 months ago

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3 weeks
@Ged Milne

I just read online that it is probably d saddle not making contact to ground (the bridge) , I will remove d transducer and do a test, that might b all it is
3 weeks
@Ged Milne
Ged, I have bad news 4u.

I was gigging this in Tullamore last Saturday and when I plugged it in d A string transducer wasn’t working.
It let me down and I couldn’t use d acoustic sound!
I had a spare guitar.

So, I meant to take ad down and look into fixing it.

So , I must decline offer. Just as well it happened now rather than after a sale!
3 weeks
3 weeks
3 weeks
Still for sale
3 weeks
@teemore 123 hi there, I do but I will probably need it to do a gig Saturday night. Depends on the set list I choose (new venue for me u c).

Still av r
3 weeks
Hey there!! Have you still got variax guitar? Thankyou pat
2 months
Still available:
2 months
To talk about the marshall cab
7 months
@ycul1 I bought it from a guy in the midlands who didn’t use it. I gigged it few times doing a one man show. No major dings or that but I’ve gigged it. I look after any guitar I own very well
7 months
@ycul1 it comes with the Line 6 gig bag, charger bay and power supply and the battery and a spare I bought too. You can turn off d models and use it like regular Les Paul. The humbuckers are lovely
7 months
Hi how old is it? Any major dints or dings to the paintwork? Does it come with a case / gig bag?