Fender Telecaster

I'm selling this lovely Fender Telecaster.

This specific model is a customised model.

Parts bought from Japan and built together by a technician.

This Telecaster plays amazingly and is in mint condition.

As I bought this guitar second hand, I don't have the specific details of it. But if you are interested you can come and try it out.

I'm selling the guitar together with a beautiful Fender hard case that I bought for the guitar from Thomann.ie for more than 200 euros

This case is in very good condition too.

I'm based in Portobello, if you want to try it you are very welcome to.

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Beaumont, Dublin
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5 months ago

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5 months
@DesAstor no, sorry. I'm not interested right now, I'm looking for cash at the moment.
5 months
@VintagePup sorry, not at the moment.
5 months
Hi, any interest in a Fender Standard Strat 3T Sunburst/ Rosewood board.
5 months
Any interest in my Strat?
5 months
@VintagePup sorry, I'm not interested in pedals at the moment.
5 months
Hello man, interested in any pedals?
5 months
@here2sell ok. Thanks
5 months
Hi, I am still interested but cannot purchase it at the moment. I will message again soon if it changes. Good luck with the sale in the mean time.
5 months
@here2sell are you still
Interested? I would go for 400 for just the guitar, without the case.
5 months
@here2sell sorry I was looking for still a bit more.
5 months
This is the upper limit of my budget at the moment
5 months
@here2sell sorry, that's a bit too low.
5 months
6 months
@Haven hole I'm not sure actually. I would need to check this over the weekend and get back to you.
I'm not sure if I can find out what the body is made of, but I could check th wiring.
6 months
@trust rod sorry.. Wouldn't be interested in the guitar.
6 months
hi swap you my greco black beauty for this and your acoustic.
6 months
No probs glwts
6 months
Hey man, what body is it, how is it wired and what pups are in it
6 months
@Dublin Hibby sorry, that's too low.
6 months