fender mordern player tele hss plus

mint condition with retro hard case best to check it out on google/ youtube maple neck split coil switch colour translucent black/brown

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Leopardstown, Dublin
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1 month ago

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2 weeks
Still Available: cant reach a deal pity
2 weeks
@holty b: make an offer for pm regards joe
3 weeks
Hi joe any interest in my vintage 120v icon its a cool looking guitar.
3 weeks
Fantastic guitars, fender were building up the Mexican plant, couldn't keep up, shipped all the parts to China from US. So US guitar for half the prices
3 weeks
@arkslippy yep
3 weeks
Actually ignore that, it that the 2013 one ?
3 weeks
What year is this from, can you add a photo of the back of the headstock. If it's a player plus and has a belly cut it should be a Mexican.
3 weeks
Ok, thanks for the quick reply. 👍🏻
3 weeks
@francypants China
3 weeks
Hi, is this a Mexican or Chinese?
4 weeks
@AERTS64: hi joe here might be going to galway to collect another guitar if you are still interested be leaving soon ill accept your offer if yes regards joe
1 month
@AERTS64: thanks but your a bit far away regards joe
1 month
For PM
1 month
@AERTS64: what you thinking can you make an offer for pm regards joe
1 month
Anything in my ads?
1 month
Hi, would you be interested in a Gretch G9200 Boxcar resonator?
1 month
Still Available:
1 month
@axeman11 to low thanks for asking regards joe 🎸
1 month
1 month
@axeman11 yes thanks for asking regards joe 🎸