Distressed Dirty Tele

Distressed Dirty Tele Distressed Dirty Tele Electric Guitars

Oozing charisma
Tones of mojo
Sounds tasty
Plays well
Gig ready

Decals are not a professional job - not an original fender not trying to pass it as one

Couldn't tell you a tap as to what's in it! All I know is the neck pickup is very sweet, and the body is stamped with 'LPB' underneath for Lake Placid Blue.

Nice slender and slim neck for a Tele

Pickguard is Signed by Jamie Lenman and Guy from Reuben

Any test welcome - looking for a strat or a hollow body

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1 year ago

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Comments & Offers
1 month
Jamie Lenman is possibly the soundest musician I have ever met. Funny enough my old bosses sister named her child after the band Reuben. Great band. GLWS.
3 months
@Scott keappock wouldn’t be for me thanks
3 months
Hi, would you be interested in a trading it for an sx vtg series strat? Almost brand new condition.
3 months
Hi, would you be interested in a trading it for an sx vtg series strat? Almost brand new condition.
3 months
@DGonadvert sorry SG isn’t my kind of guitar thanks
3 months
Hi would u take my SG for it?
7 months
@finbar O'Shaughnessy is that offer ever coming? I’ll be in Dublin on Sunday
7 months
@finbar O'Shaughnessy fair - feedback is gone. Make a new offer but please man I’ve enough on my plate
7 months
@finbar O'Shaughnessy accepted your offer, reluctantly, as I needed cash LAST week and you messed me around. Don’t need cash anymore so no longer want your cash offer and don’t want to deal with you cheers
7 months
@finbar O'Shaughnessy bud, have the whole transcript of the messages - you didn’t honour Sunday, and I didn’t change anything on Monday YOU never checked a time and then today no show no communication. Have 100 things to do buddy and wait for you to commit isn’t one of them
7 months
Still available: seller couldn’t show on 3 occasions
8 months
@finbar O'Shaughnessy reluctantly gwan! Could do with the cash this week
8 months
@finbar O'Shaughnessy hi Finbar thanks for the updated offer. Let me think about it one more day, thanks!
8 months
@finbar O'Shaughnessy hi thanks for the offer but going to hold out for more on this one or use it in a trade, thanks.
8 months
No worries,thanks anyways
8 months
@munster38 hey sorry I picked up a katana there recently so sorted for an amp - appreciate the offer!
8 months
Any interest in the amp in my adds? Thanks.
11 months
Cool, thanks for the response
11 months
@Genyr the illusion of the longer scale length compared to the other guitar behind it is just a trick of the camera combined with the height of the stand - the blue guitar is on a piece of rubber the black guitar behind is not and is at an angle. Both guitars side by side have an identical scale length.
11 months
@Genyr hey I haven't a clue about the wood used for the body sorry! Only thing I know about it is there's a stamp under the pickguard L.P.B for the colour lake placid blue

Scale length is 25.5 according to my trusty tape measure