Folding electric mountain bike

Eleglide, electric, folding mountain bike.
Bought August 2021 ; pristine condition ; 21 gears (shimano) ; disk brakes ; range of 70 - 85km when using battery at a mixed range of boost, about 40km when using on full boost, 5 levels of boost, travel up steep hills with ease using full boost ; weighs 21.6kg ;
10.4AH lithium-ion battery, 36V ; brushless DC motor, 250W, 380R/min, max torque 45N.M ; comes with unused, handle bar throttle set and original instructions ; 2 keys ; the battery can only be removed with the key and is completely enclosed in the cross bar ; quick and easy to fold, fits in my small estate car when folded ; it has always been stored inside ;
This bike has only travelled about 450km, mainly on rural roads. I used it for leisure purposes only, in good weather, and had huge fun with it, the electric boost really takes the pain out of cycling up hills.
Regrettably owing to ill health I haven't used it at all this year and now, due to moving and not having storage space I have to sell it.

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Dungourney, Cork
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4 weeks ago

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1 week
@iodack: Hi there. Apologies for the slow response, I was off line for a few days.
Battery is 10.4AH lithium-ion, 36V.
Range of 70 - 85km when using battery at a mixed range of boost, about 40km when using on full boost.
1 week
What's battery capacity and range please
2 weeks
@Twin ll: No, no offence taken at all, it's a totally fair question. I'm just a random person trying to sell a bike, I could be anyone. If roles were reversed I'd probably be asking the same question.
2 weeks
Fair enough...I was not calling into question your fine's just a typical question. Sorry for any misunderstanding and no offence intended. Please forgive me...
2 weeks
@Twin ll: Hi there. I've had a look but, unfortunately, because the bike was bought a year ago I don't have any of the emails from its purchase anymore. If you're seriously interested then come and see it and meet me then you will know that it's not stolen by the type of person that I am. I'm afraid that's the best I can suggest.
2 weeks
Hi! Do you have receipt of ownership or copy of bill of sale ,please
2 weeks
@Shanemcn92: Hi there. Thank you for your offer but I'm looking for the asking price as I think that it's fair given the condition of the bike.
2 weeks
4 weeks
@Gortan60: hi there. I don't have any official information about what weight it can carry but I don't think that there would be a problem. The frame is very robust and the tyres are good quality and chunky.
4 weeks
4 weeks
Looks like a fine strong bike, do you know what the max size user it is for? As in, can a fella 100kg in weight have any problems?
1 month
@Oscar.Blake: I can bring it to Dublin if I come but I'm not really prepared to drop the price, especially if I have to deliver it. These type of bikes are around €1000 new so I don't think that the price is in anyway unreasonable given the light use.
1 month
I will love to have this if the price is right. I wouldn’t mind waiting the 3 weeks
1 month
@Oscar.Blake: not very often but possibly in about 3 weeks
1 month
Ever in dublin ?
1 month
Thanks it'd be too small.
1 month
@JJJJNR: from centre of gear sprocket to top of where seat post slots in is 17 inches . The seat will rise a further 11 inches
1 month
Whats the frame size.
1 month
@E.wall: according to my bike tracker the fastest I went was 39km per hour. I think that the spec of the bike, when I saw it online, said about 40km per hour max speed.
1 month
What's the max speed