WWF / WCW / nWo / WWE Wrestling Legends: Kevin Nash and Scott Hall Shoot Interview DVD Collection (Brand New)
Brand new

This brand new shoot interview DVD collection includes the following 4 DVD's:

- Kevin "Diesel" Nash Shoot Interview DVD
- Scott "Razor Ramon" Hall Shoot Interview - Volume 1 DVD
- Scott "Razor Ramon" Hall Shoot Interview - Volume 2 DVD
- The Outsiders Kevin Nash and Scott Hall Shoot Interview DVD

Kevin Nash Shoot Interview DVD

In 1996 there was the unforgettable Monday Night Wars. A major battle waged between two of the biggest wrestling companies of all time; Vince McMahon's WWE and Eric Bischoffs WCW. Both men had their soldiers and when two of those soldiers jumped from one side to the other it completely changed the face of the war and even helped win the battle for a substantial amount of time. RF VIDEO sat down with one of those soldiers in his very first shoot interview that has teeth. You can call him what you want; Master Blaster, Oz, Vinnie Vegas, or Diesel, but we will call him BIG SEXY KEVIN NASH!!!!

This exclusive interview started off talking about Kevin's early start in WCW and how he was trained by Jody Hamilton. Kev went into all his crappy gimmicks and talked about which booker gave each particularly bad character. He talked about being very green and getting a push early on in WCW. You'll hear how Shawn Michaels wanted Big Sexy in the WWE months before Kevin came there and how Nash ended up getting out of his WCW contract. In a perfect Nash story, Big Sexy actually used the WCW office fax machine to fax the WWE!

Kevin discussed what it was like to work side by side with HBK as his bodyguard and how he learned from that experience along with how Nash became friends with Shawn and Scott Hall. We talk about how Nash broke away from Shawn to get his first singles push and what it was like for him to win the title from Bob Backland in the fabled Madison Square Garden. We know you want to hear about how the party scene was back then on the road and Kevin was not scared to tell us all about it. His road stories are some of the funniest we have ever captured on video, including a van ride with X-pac, Hall, HHH (who was sober), Nash, and HBK that almost landed them all in jail. You have to Nash telling the story of all of them washing down somas with alcohol and then going into a diner as the drugs were kicking into effect. A diner with 20 cops in it!

Nash talked about all of his major programs in the WWE and, of course, his matches Hall, Backlund, HBK, Bret Hart and Jeff Jarrett. Who could forget about all of the locker room antics of the Cliq? Well, Kevin talked about everything that was rumored to have went down in the locker room when he was there. Did they really tell Vince they were going on strike? Why did the Cliq have heat with Shane Douglas? Did they hate Chris Candido? What happened backstage when Pierre Ouelette refused to job to Nash in Canada? What about the curtain call in MSG, how did that all come about? Did Nash see tension with HBK and Bret Hart, and what were his thoughts on Survivor Series? You'll get answers to all those questions straight from a guy who pulls no punches!

Kevin went into great detail on why he quit the WWE and went to WCW as one half of the Outsiders with Scott Hall. Nash took us step by step of why he had a break down with WWE and how he landed his role in WCW as a key player in the New World Order gimmick. You will hear first hand about the meeting with Eric Bischoff at his house. Everything about the NWO was talked about including all of the backstage politics that went on with Hogan. We talk about the locker room fights with Roddy Piper, the in ring shoot with the Nasty Boys, and much

Scott Hall Shoot Interview - Volume 1 DVD

Scott Hall will go down in the books as one of the most entertaining and compelling shoot interviews in the history of shoots. Hall's passion for the wrestling business comes alive right from the beginning when talking about his memories of breaking in the business and working for Jim Crockett as a rookie. Those who know Scott know that there are very few short answers as Scott goes in depth with his answers to all of our questions. He literally was giving two or three extra stories while answering one question. Scott's memory of recalling all the events throughout his career is amazing to witness. Hall remembers every little detail and had no trouble sharing those experiences without holding anything back. What you will love about Scott is how he wears his heart on his sleeve as he talks honesty about himself. This is a man who has no problem taking responsibility for his actions that others may have found controversial. This exclusive shoot interview is a combination of interesting road stories and compelling answers to questions that spanned from his salad days in Florida as a greenhorn all the way to his current comeback in Puerto Rico.

Some of the many highlights of the interview include: Scott talking about the break Barry Windham gave him early on his career; being ribbed in Kansas City by two of the territories biggest stars, how he reacted, and the surprising reaction he got from Harley Race; Hall's run in the AWA, who helped him during that time, and who tried to sandbag him early on in matches; the lessons he learned wrestling Bruiser Brody early on; the influence that Curt Hennig, Larry Zbysko, and Dusty Rhodes had throughout his career; what he learned from Verne Gagne and the strange way that the meeting went in which he gave Verne his notice; how he wound up in WCW and how the Diamond Stud gimmick developed; and DDP and Hall being ribbed early on and how it turned out for an unlucky wrestler.

It gets better. More topics include: Halls very candid thoughts on Ric Flair leaving WCW while he was holding the strap, and how The Nature Boy took that resentment to him to the WWF and how it almost came out in a booking meeting with Vince McMahon; the process of how Hall got into the WWF and how long it took; the initial meeting with Vince McMahon and how he sold Vince on his character while coming up with the name Razor Ramon (this includes a surreal moment when Hall went into character and it beame immediately apparent as to how truly talented and charismatic this legend truly is); putting Sean Waltman over on Monday Night Raw, why the angle worked, and a match early in his career that inspired the angle; and the legendary WrestleMania X match with Shawn Michaels and some of his peers reactions.

Scott Hall Shoot Interview - Volume 2 DVD

Batton down the hatches. Lock the doors. Hide your loved ones. But most of all prepare yourself for one of RF VIDEO's most wickedly fun DVDs to date as we are bringing back "The Bad Guy" Scott Hall! "The Bad Guy's" last shoot interview turned some heads, had jaws dropping on the floor, and was completely unforgettable and this time he's even more outrageous!

You wanted him, and now you got him, but be careful what you wish for as Scott hall is back and he lets loose on every subject we threw his way. Deftly going through his personal life and professional career, this exclusive shoot is a must see for every Scott Hall fan or for anyone who loves entertaining interviews. We threw out the format sheet and settled down for a long talk as Hall weaved us through his career and talked about his life like an open book. You'll get NWO stories, Kliq stories, the battles with personal demons, WWF, WCW, TNA, and more than you can imagine! You'll hear about Scott's high profile no-shows and how much money he has thrown away by not keeping his act together. There's a reason Hall doesn't talk to anyone but RF VIDEO as we have no problem asking him the tough questions and he enjoys telling it to us straight.

Bret Hart. Bill Goldberg. HBK. Triple H. Vince McMahon. Ric Flair. Verne Gagne. Steve Austin. The Rock. One name after another and Scott gives us his thoughts on each. You'll hear about the personal highs and lows from one of wrestling's true straight shooters who has no problem holding up the intensive light to himself, letting the world see inside the damaged soul inside. This is one interview that will stay with you long after you watch it. There is only one Scott Hall; enigmatic, personable, troubled. This shoot will show you all the sides of one of the most complex people in the wrestling industry.

The Outsiders Shoot Interview DVD

This is the one we've all been waiting for. You know who they are. Scott Hall. Kevin Nash. THE OUTSIDERS. The team that jump started the Monday Night Wars and the heart and soul of the NWO. Two of the biggest stars in wrestling history and their first ever shoot interview that covered all of their days in the Kliq along with the rise and fall of WCW from a first-person perspective. This is the must-have DVD of the year as all your burning questions finally get answered.

This will be the only DVD that will deliver all the Kliq road stories along with other exclusive backstage stories from their tenure in the WWF. This is the first ever shoot style interview Hall and Nash have done together and, as you can imagine, they play off each other with great charisma. You will be the fly on the wall watching two great friends goof on each other while discussing the business they are so passionate about. The locker room ribs. The heat between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart. Vince McMahon. Sean Waltman. All the big stories are covered.

Over the years we have heard differing stories on how the deal with WCW went down, but now is the first time both Hall and Nash were together to answer this question on what really happened behind closed doors and in the booking office. We also get the inside scoops on what Hall and Nash really thought about the following: Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan, Bill Goldberg, the MTV Spring Break incident, who should and shouldn't have been in the NWO, Larry Zybsko, Vince Russo, and so much more. All the controversies. All the backstage politics. All the wild stories. All in one DVD!!

Don't be left out as Scott Hall and Kevin Nash deliver the shoot interview everyone will be talking about. Two of wrestling's greatest talkers give their thoughts on Jim Cornette's rants, Fake Diesel and Razor Ramon, their return to WWE, and even working through Scott Hall's personal-life battles. This is THE shoot DVD for any wrestling fan of the '90s and remembers when the word "attitude" wasn't just a buzz word. From meeting up in the early 1990's WCW as Vinnie Vegas and the Diamond Studd, to holding a lot of gold in the WWE during the New Generation in a very intriguing time of that company's history, to the historic jump that helped changed wrestling forever, this is the one DVD you won't want to miss!

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