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Charlie & Lola dvds volume 5 - 11 €3 each

Lola is FOUR and she will not ever eat a tomato! But Lola loves pink milk and she absolutely, completely loves her big brother, Charlie! Lola ALWAYS knows her mind, she’s illogically logical and funny. The task of winning her round inevitably falls to Charlie. He uses every trick in the book, reason, logic, humour, but mostly, the power of his imagination.

Volume 5
You can be my friend
Too many big words
It is absolutely completely not messy
I will be especially very careful
Can you maybe turn the light on?
Yes I am, no you're not
Please may I have some of yours?

Volume 6
Welcome to Lolaland
I wish I could draw EXACTLY more like you
I am collecting a collection
Never EVER never step on the cracks
I will not ever NEVER forget you Nibbles

Volume 7
My best best bestest friend
What if I get lost in the middle of nowhere?
I just love my red shiny shoes
Lucky, lucky me
This is actually my party
Will you please stop messing about
Look after your planet

Volume 8
How many more minutes until Christmas?
Charlie is broken
I completely know about Guinea Pigs
I spy with my little eyes
I am really, really, really concentrating
I really wonder what plant I'm growing
I am extremely magic

Volume 9
Help! I really mean it!
I am making a craze
I can train your dog
It's raining, it's borning
I wish I could do that, and also that too
I can dance like a dancer
I am extremely absolutely boiling
But where completely are we?
I really, really need actual ice skates

Volume 10
I can't stop hiccupping
I am completely hearing and listening
Our shop sells everything
I've got nobody to play with
Thunder does completely not scare me
I really absolutely must have glasses
It is very special and extremely ancient
But Marv is absolutely Charlie's best friend
I am inventing a usefulish invention

Volume 11
I am Goody the Good
What can I wear for Halloween?
But we always do it like this
I am going to save a panda
I slightly want to go home
Do not ever never let go
Autumn Special - Everything is different and not the same
I would like to actually keep it
But I don't really like this present

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