Dog Houses - Insulated, Solid & Sturdy, Dog Flap, Soft Rubber Floor, Cosy & Warm (SIZES: S M L XL)
Brand new

Cosy, Warm, Solid & Built to Last - Unlike Dog Houses in Pet Stores.
You will not find a better Dog House for your Pet.

* INSULATED – 5cm Thick Solid Wooden Walls & Interior Insulation on Walls, Roof & Floor.
* SOFT RUBBER FLOOR – Non Slip Rubber for Extra Warmth & Comfort.
* TUNNEL ENTRANCE & DOUBLE DOG FLAP - Keeps Rain Wind & Weather out
* WATERPROOF & WEATHERPROOF – Warm, Dry & Cosy Sheltered Cabin
* REMOVABLE ROOF for Easy Cleaning
* SOLID & STURDY - Built to Last.

Most Dog Houses from Pet Stores are poor quality, they are not designed for dogs, they are designed to be cheap to manufacture, and lightweight to ship. Most are made of thin wood panels 1cm in thickness, which do not insulate the house sufficiently, or plastic which is a poor insulator and not suitable for our climate. They are cold, drafty and end up rotting, leaking, or falling apart within a few years.

My dog houses are solid & sturdy and built to last. They are designed to give your Dog a sheltered warm cosy home.

Hand-made using 5cm thick pressure treated timbers (the same used in Timber Frame Homes), they are weather resistant and suitable for the outdoors. Wood is one of the best insulators in nature – the thick timbers are further insulated on the interior walls & under the roof with 10mm reflective air pocket insulation. This traps the dogs body heat inside and raises the ambient temperature in the Dog House, keeping it warm & cosy inside.

The floor is insulated with non slip rubber mat which softens and warms with your dog’s body heat, providing a comfortable surface to sleep on.

The side positioned doorway & tunnel entrance with double curtain dog flap, prevents wind & weather from entering the cabin, & provides a fully sheltered area inside.

The roof is wrapped in waterproof mineral felt & is removable so the inside can be easily cleaned. The raised redwood base is rot proof & keeps the house off the ground providing better insulation.

They come fully assembled & can be collected or delivered to your door. (see below for details). All you need to do is put in a blanket or bedding.

Small: €100 / 75cm long x 50cm wide x 50cm high / Jack Russell, Yorkshire Terrier.
Medium: €160 / 90cm long x 60cm wide x 60cm high / Cocker, Springer Spaniel, Beagle
Large €220 / 110cm long x 70cm wide x 70cm high / Boxer, Labrador, Sheepdog
X-large €280 / 125cm long x 80cm wide x 80cm high / Berenese, German Shepherd, Rottweiler

Dublin, Meath - €10
Wicklow, Kildare - €15
Other locations - contact for cost

10 mins from M50 - Blanchardstown Exit

Credit/Debit Card, Cash upon Delivery

“Delighted with our dog house. Well built and delivered on time.” Fergal, Cavan.

“Great quality kennels, our dog loves his new home.” Amanda Dublin

“The dogs love their kennel. Super toasty in it. Thanks a million” Dan, Dublin

"Very well made kennels, much better than you would get in pet shops" Max, Dublin.

“Doghouse is lovely. Have one happy & warm dog. Thank you.” Paul, Wicklow,

"Product is fantastic. You can tell this guy cares about dogs!" - Jean, Dublin

“Delighted with the dog house it is top quality. Fantastic” – Hannah, Kildare

"Exceptional kennels that are brilliant quality. " Eva, Meath

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Clonee, Dublin
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2 months ago

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2 months
2 months
2 months
@RUSSELL416: Hi, No problem. If you make an offer I can get your details and arrange delivery. Regards
2 months
220 for Large one delivered to ashbourne please
2 months
COVID-19 UPDATE: Under the new regulations I am permitted to deliver Dog Houses "essential business list 6. "health and welfare of animals/animal supplies including bedding" Collection is not available at present.

Currently I have 1 Large left in stock only, & enough materials to make a few more dog house within the next week. If you wish to purchase let me know ASAP which size you want. I am doing Free Delivery to Dublin/Meath/Wicklow/Kildare at present. Thank You.
2 months
2 months
Hi, assuming for medium one?
2 months
@Jessicanorris2: Hi Jess, yes I am still doing free delivery to Dublin. If you make an offer I can private message you and see if Medium or Large would be better and get your details. Thanks
2 months
Hi, are you still doing free delivery Dublin and what size for a collie springer cross (medium or large?). What’s available/ left? Thanks, Jess
2 months
@Liverpool24: Hi. I have one medium left. It is €160. If you want to make an offer I can private message you. You can collect tomorrow or monday. Regards
2 months
Can collect today?
2 months
Hi have u medium?
2 months
I am offering FREE DELIVERY to Dublin, Meath, Wicklow & Kildare for the next week.
2 months
Hi I have the following stock left. 1 Small, 2 Medium, 1 Large, 2 X-Large. It is unlikely I will have more until May or June as sourcing materials is proving difficult. If you want to purchase please contact me ASAP. Thank You.
2 months
@jacqueline.hyland.98: Hi Large is €220, it measures 110cm long x 70cm wide x 70cm high. It would suit a labrador sized dog. I have one left. Thanks
2 months
Ok grand how much are the large ones pls
2 months
@jacqueline.hyland.98: Hi Yes I have some left in stock. If you would like to purchase make an offer and I can private message you. Thank You
2 months
Hi do you have any large kennels left
2 months
@Eamon6: Hi Eamon. Medium would suit if he is not too big. The door on the medium is 30cm wide, Delivery to Lucan €10. If you make an offer I can private message you for details. Thanks
2 months
Hi Dan.... we have a Staffie who is mainly living in the house , but I also have outdoor dog run covered with roof.

Can you recommend what size you think may work. I’m thinking Medium .

Do you have any left and how much would it be to include Delivery to Lucan please.

Thank you